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  • CARAT* London free Willa Ring
  • Carat London Jewellery & Carat London Rings
Carat London Jewellery &  Carat London Rings


Heidi & Scott Thompson have worked together since 2003 building CARAT* London into one of the most luxurious & affordable brands in the industry.  CARAT* London uses the traditional methods Scott Thompson learned in Vicenza, Italy & high quality synthetic, man made gemstones to create classically beautiful jewellery for the modern woman.  Ranging from £79 - £779, CARAT* is a brand that is truly accessible to anyone who desires admirably glimmering pieces made to be worn rather than hidden away in a safe.        

Each CARAT* London collection has a singular design focus that is never mirrored or repeated in their other collections.  Every range is timeless, sleek, & sophisticated.  As an official CARAT* London stockist, Steffans Jewellers stock the finest & most exclusive jewellery pieces from the CARAT* London range, ensuring you receive pieces of outstanding beauty & style.  With CARAT* rings, bracelets, necklaces, & earrings from some of their most distinctive collections, your perfect piece of CARAT* jewellery is awaiting you today. 

CARAT* London is worn & treasured by celebrities such as Pixie Lott, Lady Gaga, Olivia Palermo, Lily Allen, Ellie Goulding, Nicole Scherzinger, & Susan Sarandon.  Whether you would like the elegant CARAT* London Stud Earrings that shimmer beautifully wherever you go, or a classically simple Millennium Quentin Bracelet that brings your style to life, CARAT* London provide fantastic collections with a timeless glamour that compliments your every day & special occasions.  

CARAT* London gemstones are crafted to meticulously high quality, normally exceeding GIA accepted cutting tolerances and scoring a D or E on the GIA colour scores, with E being the highest possible ranking.  Stones are typically a clarity ranking of IF (internally flawless).  Due to their size, larger stones may have a ranking of VVSI (very very small inclusions) with imperfections essentially invisible to the naked eye.  All stones & mountings have a lifetime guarantee against colour changes & defective workmanship.  

The ideal behind CARAT* London is fantasy rather than reality; that everyone should have access to their dreams.  The collections feature pieces that are beautiful and admirable, yet are more affordable and accessible than their 'real' counterparts.  Nothing will ever surpass the glamour of real diamonds, but CARAT* gemstones are the next best option to building a luxurious collection as dazzling as you!   


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CARAT* London Style Guide



Unlike many of the more contemporary jewellery ranges that Steffans provide, the CARAT* London range takes a more classical form.  These pieces draw on the timeless styling of past jewellery masters to deliver sleek & sophisticated jewellery collections that are as affordable as they are tasteful.

Perfect for evening or everyday work wear, the CARAT* London ethos is committed to delivering quality jewels for the modern woman.  At Steffans we stock a wide range of different CARAT* London jewellery to ensure you have the finest items to choose from.  Each necklacering, bracelet, & pair of earrings can be worn with a variety of outfits because of the diversity of stones used throughout the CARAT* London collections.

CARAT* London pendants look perfect with an evening gown or a sleek suit, whereas their stunning solitaire rings & drop earrings go gracefully with a glamorous wedding dress or bridesmaid gown.  The Celestia Bracelet transitions seamlessly between formal and casual attire and features a star charmingly reminiscent of a sunburst.  Many of the bracelets have adjustable sizing with drawstring style closures that adjust to your wrist.  

While most CARAT* designs emphasise white gold or sterling silver, we also offer pieces such as the yellow gold Round Brilliant Tennis Bracelet, which has a triple protection catch to protect from loss.  Diamond Blue Pear Drop Earrings are perfect for adding a bit of colour to your collection without compromising on sparkle or budget.  If you prefer something daintier, the Pink ‘Hearts for You’ Stud Earrings are ideal.  

You can see CARAT* London jewellery on display at London’s BAFTA awards, where CARAT* is an official jewellery partner.  

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