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  • Gucci Jewellery & Gucci Watches
Gucci Jewellery & Gucci Watches

GUCCI Jewellery

As one of the jewellery industries most historic and flamboyant jewellery designers, Gucci have become renowned throughout the world for their modern and uniquely original jewellery collections. As an official Gucci Jewellery stockist, Steffans Jewellers can help to provide you with the finest jewellery and watches that this famous Italian import has to offer, providing stand-out pieces that will be perfectly suited for any style or occasion.

Whether you're looking for a classic looking bracelet from Gucci's historic Boule collection, or would love a extravagant necklace from Gucci's modern Horsebit range, Steffans can provide you with the latest jewellery pieces from across the Gucci world. Our team of expert jewellers select the finest Gucci Bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings and Rings to ensure you have the perfect accessories for your lifestyle.

In addition to this, we also stock the latest timepieces from Gucci's unique watch collection, providing the most unique Ladies and Men's Gucci Watches from across the full range. Discover more about our full range below and find the perfect watch or jewellery item for your look.


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Gucci Jewellery & Gucci Watches







Ladies Gucci Jewellery

Ladies Gucci Jewellery

Find your perfect piece of Gucci Jewellery or your favourite Gucci Watch from our Ladies Gucci Jewellery Collection.

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Men's Gucci Jewellery & Watches

Men's Gucci Jewellery

Discover the latest Men's Gucci Watches & Jewellery from our extensive Men's Gucci Jewellery range.

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Gucci Style Guide




With a rich history in creating innovative, aspirational and ground-breaking designs, Gucci have been at the heart of the fashion industry for nearly 100 years, creating some of the world's most recognisable designs and fashion trends. Since becoming founded by Guccio Gucci all the way back in 1921, Italy's most prominent clothing and jewellery designer has lead the way in the clothing and jewellery sector, creating collections of outstanding beauty and glamour that have become a mainstay of the most elegant wardrobes and jewellery boxes.

It because of this truly unique approach to design and attention to detail that has resulted in Gucci's style of jewellery being extremely original in appearance, with no two collections looking the same. Whether you have a style that is modern and edgy or have an extremely flamboyant and out-there appearance, the beauty of the Gucci range is that you can always find a piece for your own distinct look.

At present we have a number of Gucci's most sought-after jewellery collections available to buy online or in-store, with the Watches, Rings, Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets and Bangles available from the following ranges:

  • - Made in Italy Collection
  • - Trademark Heart Range
  • - Flora Collection
  • - Horsebit Collection
  • - Bamboo Range
  • - San Valentino Collection
  • - Gucci Ghost Collection