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  • Shaun Leane Jewellery & Earrings
Shaun Leane Jewellery, Necklaces & Bracelets


As a brand that was first envisaged from a bench in Hatton Garden - London’s renowned jewellery quarter - Shaun Leane has developed a charmingh ethos for creating the finest jewellery pieces with a traditional twist. Now over 15 years since they were first established and with creative partnerships with some of the fashion industries most renowned designers (including Alistair McQueen), Shaun Leane has perfected the art of high-end diamond jewellery mounting, continuously going ‘above and beyond’ to create collections of outstanding natural beauty.

Since launching some of their most memorable collections such as the Cherryblossom, Hook and Talon and Aurora ranges, the House of Shaun Leane continues to shine, creating delicate yet innovative products that will bring a luxurious edge to any wearer. Handcrafted in the finest Sterling Silver, Yellow Gold, White Gold and Rose Gold, Shaun Leane and his team take meticulous care with every product they create, paying attention to even the finest detail to ensure your next piece is impeccably made.

Whether you looking to find the perfect necklace for a special occasion, would love a romantic yet edgy ring for everyday wear, or would even like a flamboyant bracelet that will add an extra touch of elegance to an evening dress, Shaun Leane are the perfect brand to help you find something that is completely unique.

As one of Shaun Leane’s official stockists, Steffans have developed a long standing relationship with Shaun and his team to bring you some of the stand-out pieces from their range. Furthermore, our design team have worked with Shaun Leane on a number of one-off design projects. This includes the stunning Ruby and Sterling Silver hook Earrings that were created as a limited edition piece for Steffans 40th Anniversary. 


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Shaun Leane Feather Collection






Shaun Leane Rings 



Shaun Leane Hook & Tusk Jewellery Collection

Hook & Tusk Collection

Find your perfect piece of Shaun Leane Jewellery from their distinctive Hook & Tusk jewellery collection.

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Shaun Leane 40th Anniversary Hook Earrings

40th Anniversary Earrings

Transform your style with Steffans 40th Anniversary Limited Edition Sterling Silver & Ruby Hook Earrings.

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As one of the more edgy and contemporary jewellery collections within the Steffans store, Shaun Leane has developed an enviable reputation for creating some truly stand-out pieces that dazzle with amazing beauty. At Steffans we've always had a special affiliation with this uniquely original jewellery brand, working with Shaun and his team on a number of projects to help create the perfect pieces for your style. 

Because of the individuality and flair that they put into every single collection, you'll never find two pieces across any of their ranges that look the same. In fact, such is the variety that Shaun Leane brings into their Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings and Rings that they can be mixed and matched with items throughout your wardrobe for any occasion or any look. 

With its soft and romantic finish, a necklace pendant from the signature heart range will provide a stand-alone piece for an elegant evening dress, whereas a stunning pair of Hook Earrings from their Hook and Tusk collection will provide a gorgeous statement piece for a smart work suit. Whatever you need, Shaun Leane has got the perfect item to help build-up your style and help you to stand out from the crowd, wherever you are.