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Steff Jewellery & Steff Necklaces

Steff Jewellery

As one of the UK’s leading independent jewellers, Steffans have always had a fine eye for detail, showcasing some of the finest pieces that the country has to offer. But when it came to creating our own collection of fine jewellery, expert jeweller and store owner Steff Suter poured nearly 40 years of creative flair and jewellery craftsmanship into creating a collection of modern classics with an edg, the Steff Jewellery collection.

Drawing inspiration from years of jewellery expertise and British design flair, the Steff jewellery brand uses a selection of 925 Sterling Silver, Yellow Gold, White Gold and the finest real diamonds to form a range of imaginative and edgy pieces that exude stunning colours and styling combinations.

With a focus on creating elegant and luxurious pieces that can be worn with any outfit and for any occasion, each piece of the Steff collection has been individually set, carefully shaped and then meticulously matched with asymmetric stone detailing to form striking and memorable pieces.

Each item within our eclectic range starts life as a simple idea that is then transformed into reality through a process of sketches, technical drafts and prototypes. Each part of this precise process is carried out within our Northamptonshire based studio until perfection is represented by this very British brand. 

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Steff Jewellery & Steff Necklaces