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  • The Time of our Lives

    Every culture has their own wedding traditions, from arranged marriages to down-on-one-knee proposals.  Nearly every one of these traditions has deep historic roots, although they don’t always mean the same thing now.

    Take for example the ever familiar tradition of a gentleman getting down on one knee.  One of the most charming traditions, this dates back to the era of knighthood and has always been an act of allegiance and love.  On occasion we still see grooms secretly asking the bride’s father for his blessing, although originally this came from a time when women were assets and marriage wasn’t romantic yet.  Nowadays, we see a growing number of women proposing (as well as same-sex marriages), meaning engagement rings for men are becoming increasingly common.

    In many cultures the process of finding your future spouse is more regulated, with arranged marriages and meetings common in countries such as India, Pakistan, Thailand, Japan, and Kenya.  Very different from forced marriages, these arrangements generally give the families and couple opportunity to meet and gauge compatibility, taking many factors beyond romance and physical attraction into account.

    Some of our Western traditions are much more modern than many of us realise, with diamond engagement rings becoming a perceived necessity in 1936 due to an incredibly successful ad campaign from De Beers jewellers.  This is where we get the rule that an engagement ring ‘should’ cost three months’ salary.  In actuality, the UK spends on average £2000 on their engagement rings, which comes well below the three month salary mark of most.

    The rings themselves are romantically symbolic.  Although the exact origin of wedding rings is unknown, today they are associated with the idea of infinite love, since a circle has no beginning or end.  Rings to show loyalty and devotion have been worn on the third finger of the left hand since the days of Ancient Egypt.  The Egyptians believed there was a vein in this finger, the vena amoris, which went straight to the heart.

    The idea of marrying for love is recent.  Historically, marriage was a strategic arrangement that connected families for mutual financial, social, or political benefits.  In medieval times lovesickness was actually thought to be a kind of insanity.  However, since the American and French revolutions marrying for love is definitely no longer the taboo it once was.  During the Enlightenment, people began to consider the right to personal happiness more important, and marrying for love began to grow into the norm we know in today’s Western culture.

    With all this love going around, people now get incredibly creative with their declarations of undying affection.  We’ve seen the question popped through a variety of dramatic gestures, sometimes with the help and participation of family and friends.  We want to know your proposal stories; we’re running a Perfect Proposal competition through the Steffans Facebook page, so keep an eye out for announcements and specific information!  We will be requesting that you share the story of your proposal and what made it truly perfect.

    If you require assistance in choosing your wedding rings please feel free to contact us so we can help make every detail flawless.  Every marriage is beautiful, and if you’re in the throes of planning your own wedding we truly wish that you have the time of your lives now and forever.

  • #steffansontour at Baselworld 2018 : Part One

    Once again, Steffans has set out to find the best & most innovative pieces to bring to our customers.  This time we were at Baselworld, the world’s most prominent trade show for watch enthusiasts.

    On Thursday March 22, a small handful of our team flew out of LHR bound for Basel in Switzerland.  Inside Baselworld’s stunning Messe Basel buildings were 2100 exhibitors from more than 45 countries.  Among these ranks were Tag Heuer, Longines, Tissot, & Gucci, all of whom brought impressive new designs.

    During our meeting with Tag Heuer, they displayed several updated and new models such as the Aston Martin F1, two new Calibre 16 Carreras, the Tête de Vipère, & Gulf collaborations.

    Undoubtedly Tag’s crowning glory for this year is their Tête de Vipère certified Carrera Chronograph Tourbillon Chronometer.  This is the first Tag Heuer piece to meet this standard, & shows the increasing level of promise and prestige Tag has to offer going into the 55th anniversary of the Carrera collection.  There will be a limited number of Tête de Vipère Carreras available, making this a truly special piece.

    Tag is releasing a special edition Monaco Gulf to celebrate 50 years of collaboration, throwing a new spin onto the classic design.

    The partnership between Tag Heuer and Aston Martin has been confirmed and is being marked by the release of two chronograph watches; the Aston Martin Racing Formula 1 and the Carrera Heur-01.  The F1 features Aston Martin’s signature lime essence, which highlights the features in a way that is at once subtle and striking.  The Carrera is more understated yet no less sophisticated, with many elements paying homage to Aston Martin’s vehicles.

    A new Autavia watch is being released, with designs guided by the Siffert Autavia and the 3-register 73633 Autavia.  The classic colour scheme has been maintained, and a bidirectional turning bezel with a black aluminium bezel has been added to compliment the aesthetics.  Timeless design and vintage elements make the Autavia an attractive piece beloved by collectors.

    Every addition to the Tag Heuer range was a display of the brand’s impressive prestige and a nod to its own depth of history.  This new generation of watches effortlessly pays its respects to the roots Tag Heuer has grown from while staring point blank into the future of watch industry and design.

    Watches will be available for pre-order through the Steffans website, and many of these watches will be produced in limited numbers.  All watches are available for purchase on finance; if you have any questions feel free to contact us!

    There were great contributions from Tissot, Rado, Longines, and Gucci, which will be mentioned in the second and final part of our Baselworld 2018 account.

  • Crossing the Line; 2018’s Spring / Summer Trends

    What do Napoleon’s throne, your great grandmother’s curtains, and 2018’s most prominent jewellery trends have in common?

    Tassels; vibrant, varied, and vivacious, these playful accessories have brightened the jewellery scene.  Historically thought to be protective and often used as status symbols and fashion accessories, tassels have spent centuries evolving.  In today’s styles you’ll see them adorning bags, clothing, and jewellery.

    But really, tassels are a small part of a much bigger wave of trends.  You’ll be seeing plenty of statement jewellery from chunky jewelled necklaces to chandelier earrings.  Many of these trends reference styles that are actually quite ancient, blending and acknowledging cultures that don’t often get recognition in the same light we’re currently seeing them in.

    Another statement earring we’re seeing is hoops.  Most of us are familiar with them, and many remember them from the 1970’s, but Latinx and black communities have been rocking them for decades.  They are too prominent in these communities to be considered a 'trend'.  Hoop earrings dating back to 2500 BC have been discovered, so the design itself is definitely nothing new.  They have always held cultural significance, and outside of their current trend status they have oftentimes been looked down on by people who misunderstand that significance.

    We’re also seeing bohemian jewellery maintaining its place as a staple favourite for Spring and Summer styles.  BoHo fashion has its deepest inspirational roots in the designs of Eastern European travellers and refugees and the Roma people, with added elements of the 1960’s hippy styles and Asian influences.

    We love BoHo looks because they’re romantic and grounding, ideal for expressing our spiritual sides.  Chlobo is a great option if you’re looking for high quality Bohemian and tasselled pieces.




    There is an increase in masculine jewellery, with more men branching out of simply styling with watches to accessorising with necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.  Thomas Sabo, Steff, and Gucci have a fantastic selection of men’s jewellery.  Sculptural and layered pieces give a touch of unique personality to any ensemble.

    The bottom line for 2018’s Spring / Summer styles is expression and inclusiveness.  Jewellery and fashion has always been about expressing ourselves, but the coming trends are breaking boundaries and welcoming the presence of new influences.  We live in a world where Western culture no longer dominates, where every continent is connected, and where we can see into the lives of people thousands of miles apart.  The unique elements of cultures that are worlds apart from our own is coming into a renewed appreciation, and every culture has something beautiful and profound to contribute to the world of fashion and jewellery.

    With this recognition of cultures comes respect, and with that respect comes concern for the actual people involved in the production of fashion.  Ethically sourced fashion and jewellery pieces are increasingly in the spotlight with the growing perspective that if the creation of something has caused harm to anyone, it simply is not beautiful.  We’re seeing an increased effort to reach out a hand to help other people and take care of our world.  Olivia Burton is a great example, as they are beginning to produce vegan and eco friendly watches.  Also, keep an eye on our Steff brand for an upcoming opportunity to help us make a positive impact on our world!

    2018’s trends are colourful, fun, and impactful.  Whatever your personal style, you’ll find something that brings new life to your wardrobe this year.

  • Gifting for Mum

    We’ve all been there.  Dinner is at four, & it’s currently 3:45 as we sit in the car, scribbling the first kind thought that we can think of into a card.  If we’re feeling ambitious, we might grab a bouquet of flowers as we pay for our petrol at the till.

    It often feels like a mad rush to find our mums the perfect gift.  With everything our mums do for us does this show of appreciation always have to be curtailed into one day every year?  The team at Steffans Jewellers don’t think so.  With Mother’s Day coming around again this weekend, the team at one of the UK’s oldest family-run jewellers have run an interesting Mother’s Day poll to truly understand just how much our mums mean to us & how often we show our love with gifts.

    The survey showed that 74.5%, an overwhelming majority, focuses on trying to show their love & appreciation year-round rather than on Mother’s Day alone.  This made for interesting reading as the UK is known for showering our mums with gifts on this one special day.  The fact that buying habits are shifting to a continuous show of affection goes to show how much these special ladies in our lives really matter.

    In terms of what you’re looking to buy, results showed that whilst we show our love throughout the year with regular gifts, on Mother’s Day the UK mainly expresses their love with smaller presents.

    From the Steffans poll, there was a clear majority that went easy on gift giving because of regular gifting, with 85.4% spending less than £75 on mum for the day. Of course, not everyone’s habits are so lean, with 14.6% spending £75 or more, with a handful even opting for a weekend of retreat or spa day for their mums.

    Although spending is mainly on flowers with 44.8% choosing a simple bouquet, a large proportion of those surveyed (24.8%) stated that they’d rather buy their mothers a piece of jewellery, as it can be a lifelong reminder of love, lasting more than just a couple of days.

    However, when it comes to the main point, Mother’s Day is more than an opportunity to buy something; Mother’s Day is about connecting with our mums.  On the big day most choose to celebrate with a family meal out (40%) or a home cooked meal in (42.8%), showing that time together is still vital no matter where it is.

    As we grow older & into our own lives, we can neglect to let our mothers know how appreciated they are.  Days like Mother’s Day are great reminders & challenges.  To truly know how to communicate affection & appreciation, we need to have a connection.

    Showing our mums what they mean to us is more important than ever.  Out of everyone Steffans polled there was an overwhelming agreement that we are most proud of the way our mum show love to us no matter what life brings.  These results paint a beautiful picture of how we see our mums & appreciate them not just for what they do, but for how they love.

    Our mums are spectacular, beautiful, & worthy of our acknowledgement.  Steffans is always available to assist with finding an exceptional gift.  With free engraving services you can add an everlasting, personal touch that will be a reminder of affections, even during the seasons when life gets a little too busy for a phone call.

  • Where You Go I Go

    There are few accomplishments quite as impressive as bringing life into the world.  Since March is Women’s History Month & we’re celebrating Mother’s Day on the 11th, we’re taking a moment to appreciate mothers who’ve changed the world.

    The most obvious examples that come to mind are all the brilliant mothers in the royal family such as Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, the late Diana, Princess of Wales, & of course Queen Elizabeth herself.  We’ve all seen images of Kate squatting down at eye level to speak to her children while wearing heels, a skirt, & never looking anything less than elegant.  Diana worked with charities, even going so far as to help remove active land mines from fields in Angola.  The UK has also produced Zadie Smith & JK Rowling, who both wrote bestselling novels with babies on their laps.

    Audrey Hepburn was a mother with a wildly successful career who spent much of her time as a UNICEF ambassador.  A single, low-income mother raised Oprah.  Marie Curie was the first woman to win a Nobel Peace Prize, the first person to win two Nobel Peace Prizes, & raised a daughter who went on to earn a Peace Prize of her own.  Viviana Torun created jewellery that celebrated the strength & independence of women that was crafted with such timeless quality we proudly feature her collections in our shop to this day.

    Women accomplish amazing things all the time.  Most of our own mothers will probably never publish a novel, win an internationally known prize, or pick mines out of fields, but that doesn’t make them any less incredible.  March gives us the perfect opportunity to honour & be inspired by the women around us.

    With mothers especially it can be easy to get wrapped up in our own day to day lives & forget to tell them how appreciated they are.  None of us will ever know the work & sacrifices they made to give us life, so don’t forget to take a bit of time to make your mum feel special & treasured!

    Our mothers mould us into who we are.  If we look closely, we carry parts of our mothers with us; it could be her strength & stubbornness, how she shows kindness, or even the colour of her eyes.  In these ways our mothers are always with us, whatever our lives bring.  Finding the perfect way to express our love & gratitude can be tricky, & we need to listen & pay attention to our mums to find out the specific things that make them feel most loved.

    Flowers, chocolate, & Mother’s Day cards are easy to come by, & getting an old fashioned letter makes anyone feel special!  Gifts can be trickier to choose, but of course we find that jewellery works wonderfully.  A Thomas Sabo bracelet with a ‘Best Mum’ charm or a Clogau Tree of Life pendant is a great reminder of your affections she can wear anytime. We also have an exclusive Mother's Day bracelet from ChloBo that our very own ChloBo Ambassador, Zoe, has designed. It has been created with beautifully radiant Sterling Silver and 18ct Rose Gold plating with a delicate Sterling Silver Clover Charm. Have a look at it's gorgeous design below.




    Feel free to participate in our Mother’s Day poll & tell us how you are sending your mum love!  We hope you have a fantastic March & an enjoyable Mother’s Day.  Consider this your formal reminder to call your mother.

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