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  • Where You Go I Go

    There are few accomplishments quite as impressive as bringing life into the world.  Since March is Women’s History Month & we’re celebrating Mother’s Day on the 11th, we’re taking a moment to appreciate mothers who’ve changed the world.

    The most obvious examples that come to mind are all the brilliant mothers in the royal family such as Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, the late Diana, Princess of Wales, & of course Queen Elizabeth herself.  We’ve all seen images of Kate squatting down at eye level to speak to her children while wearing heels, a skirt, & never looking anything less than elegant.  Diana worked with charities, even going so far as to help remove active land mines from fields in Angola.  The UK has also produced Zadie Smith & JK Rowling, who both wrote bestselling novels with babies on their laps.

    Audrey Hepburn was a mother with a wildly successful career who spent much of her time as a UNICEF ambassador.  A single, low-income mother raised Oprah.  Marie Curie was the first woman to win a Nobel Peace Prize, the first person to win two Nobel Peace Prizes, & raised a daughter who went on to earn a Peace Prize of her own.  Viviana Torun created jewellery that celebrated the strength & independence of women that was crafted with such timeless quality we proudly feature her collections in our shop to this day.

    Women accomplish amazing things all the time.  Most of our own mothers will probably never publish a novel, win an internationally known prize, or pick mines out of fields, but that doesn’t make them any less incredible.  March gives us the perfect opportunity to honour & be inspired by the women around us.

    With mothers especially it can be easy to get wrapped up in our own day to day lives & forget to tell them how appreciated they are.  None of us will ever know the work & sacrifices they made to give us life, so don’t forget to take a bit of time to make your mum feel special & treasured!

    Our mothers mould us into who we are.  If we look closely, we carry parts of our mothers with us; it could be her strength & stubbornness, how she shows kindness, or even the colour of her eyes.  In these ways our mothers are always with us, whatever our lives bring.  Finding the perfect way to express our love & gratitude can be tricky, & we need to listen & pay attention to our mums to find out the specific things that make them feel most loved.

    Flowers, chocolate, & Mother’s Day cards are easy to come by, & getting an old fashioned letter makes anyone feel special!  Gifts can be trickier to choose, but of course we find that jewellery works wonderfully.  A Thomas Sabo bracelet with a ‘Best Mum’ charm or a Clogau Tree of Life pendant is a great reminder of your affections she can wear anytime. We also have an exclusive Mother's Day bracelet from ChloBo that our very own ChloBo Ambassador, Zoe, has designed. It has been created with beautifully radiant Sterling Silver and 18ct Rose Gold plating with a delicate Sterling Silver Clover Charm. Have a look at it's gorgeous design below.




    Feel free to participate in our Mother’s Day poll & tell us how you are sending your mum love!  We hope you have a fantastic March & an enjoyable Mother’s Day.  Consider this your formal reminder to call your mother.

  • More than Words

    Our Valentine’s Day rush has already started, and we love the opportunity to help people find the perfect gift.  We adore hearing about your stories and connections, and in the midst of the declarations of love and romantic gestures, it’s difficult to miss the incredible number of ways the people around us show love and affection.  There’s the simple, straightforward “I love / like you”, but it’s not often that simple, is it?  Don’t get me wrong, it’s really great when you can be that straightforward with those you care about, but for just a moment we’re going to explore the ways people show and hear love.

    The prime example around Valentine’s Day is gift giving.  While a lot of traditions have shifted through the ages, we still spend hours or days finding the gift that perfectly communicates how we feel, sometimes spending quite a bit to put weight behind the sentiment.  We drudge up every memory we have of that person; what are their favourite things?  What are their treasures, and how can I add one more that will make them think of me?

    Yet, gifts aren’t always the best answer.  Sometimes what’s truly the best expression is a romantic evening, a well written card, or quietly doing the dishes so they can have a moment to put their feet up.  Often the most enjoyable moments you can spend together involve food, whether you’re treating them to a great restaurant or you’ve cooked something special yourself.

    It all comes down to making the effort to know the people you love.  We’re all celebrating somebody this Valentine’s Day, be it a significant other, our friends, or ourselves.  While gifts don’t always make the day, at Steffans we’re here to help you find the perfect one to add to it.  Feel free to browse our Valentine’s Day page and send us any questions you might have.

    We have all our hearts on display.  From Steff to Shaun Leane, there is an abundance of pieces that would captivate your Valentine.  We have the Gucci Toggle Heart Bracelet and Shaun Leane’s signature Heart necklaces.  From our Steff range, when you choose the Diamond Angel Wing we will include a sterling silver chain and a rose gold plated heart.

    During the next few months we will be looking at the ways we show love and affection that are more than words.  There will be competitions, quizzes, and plenty of opportunity to share your thoughts with us.  We want to know what makes your Valentine’s Day, and every other special day, extra special.

    We look forward to helping you find your ideal gift and wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Our Finger on the Pulse

    This week our Director of Sales, Wesley Suter attended the Vicenzaoro Jewellery Boutique Show at the Vicenza Exhibition Centre in Vicenza, Italy. Vicenzaoro is a leading international gold & jewellery show featuring suppliers, manufacturers, & 1500 brands from 30 countries. Looking around you’ll find some of the world’s leading trend experts, opinion leaders, & Steffans.

    Wesley flew into Venice as the sun rose on Monday January 22nd & walked from a sleepy train station into a bustling sea of glittering & innovative design. Searching for the most inspired, stunning creations for 2018, he met with suppliers & perused an astounding number of collections & displays. His main goal was to find the jewellery that most effectively captured the spirit & aesthetic of our own clientele.

    Taking all of Vicenzaoro into account, Wes’ main trend forecast is colour; expect to see a lot more vibrancy in 2018’s new collections! Along with colour he discovered gold was prevalent in many of the show’s most promising designs. Wesley met with several of Steffans’ brand suppliers, & Thomas Sabo was particularly inspiring going into this year of Technicolor styles.

    Our goal in attending shows such as Vicenzaoro is to ensure we are stocking only the finest & most relevant jewellery pieces for you, from high end to high street brands. After more than 40 years in the jewellery industry, we know how to work with fellow experts to source the highest quality & value jewellery stock.

    Vicenzaoro features some of the most cutting edge ideas in the jewellery world & serves as an invaluable reference point for the entire jewellery industry. Shows like this help us keep a finger on the pulse of the future of jewellery.

    The Vicenzaoro Jewellery Boutique Show will go on to feature in Hong Kong, Las Vegas, & Dubai throughout 2018. Steffans is pleased to have had the chance to attend the first leg of the tour, & will always grasp the first opportunity to find only the best cutting edge pieces for you to choose from.

    The jewellery world is always evolving; techniques are developed & new designers emerge with ideas we could only dream about years before. The opportunity for the jewellery industry as a whole to increase its global positive impact is growing with the welcome challenge of a newly intensified focus on conflict free & ethically sourced materials.

    We will be featuring the finest & most accessible pieces in our store, so keep a close eye on this year’s new collections. We are delighted to help you find your place in today’s styles, whether your tastes are on the trendy side or if you prefer the elegant classics.

    The Vicenzaoro Jewellery Boutique Show is a sight to behold. Between exploring the vastness of Vicenzaoro & the quiet beauty of Venice itself, Wesley wants to bring all the beauty, all the promise of possibility the future of jewellery contains back to Steffans.

    There will always be something new glittering on the horizon & it is our joy to bring that horizon to you.

  • Jolly Jewels & Winter Wonders

    Winter is for merrymaking, gift giving, & traditions. Being a family business, at Steffans Jewellers we know these winter memories are some of the most priceless treasures any of us have. Come celebrate with us at one of our events this season! From edgy to traditional, we promise you’ll find a chance for new memories with us.

    Read More

  • ‘Twere the weeks before Black Friday

    And all through the land

    Every creature was wondering how to make Christmas grand

    The diamonds were laid in their displays with care

    Next to an abundance of gifts begging to be shared . . .


    At Steffans Jewellers, we've decided Christmas is starting early this year!


    Avoid the typical Black Friday chaos with us.  Wake up to Daily Deals every morning from November 13th until Black Friday, November 24th.  You can get all your Christmas gifts for a song without leaving the warmth and comfort of your living room by shopping on our website.  If you’re unsure what to choose for that special someone in your life, come visit our store and let our wonderful staff show you everything on offer over a coffee or champagne.  There will be five deals a day involving brands such as Gucci, Troll Beads, Thomas Sabo, and our very own Steff.

    Some discounts will be as steep as 75% and every day the offers will be different, so catch them while you can!

    If you’re looking for more than what is in our Daily Deals, find joy in one of our other Christmas sales.

    If you fancy the quirks and personality of Links of London, they’re giving away the subtly gorgeous Effervescence Blue Diamond necklace with every purchase of £250 or more.  The necklace normally sells for £110 and makes a fantastic gift or a treat for yourself, if you feel so inclined!  We have themed charms available, such as the Silver & Vermeil Christmas Tree and Sterling Silver Snowflake.  The charms go nicely on Links of London’s Sweetie bracelet, which is adorably unique.  Links of London has supplied us with a sterling silver & garnet version of the Sweetie that is exclusive to Steffans.  Only 40 of our exclusive Sweetie bracelets will ever be made, and the ruby garnets are ideal for Christmas as well as every other season.

    For those who prefer the modern elegance of Georg Jensen, you will receive a gold plated angel Christmas ornament with every purchase of £250 or more.  The angel was designed by Alfredo Halberi as an ode to the Christmas traditions he treasured through his childhood, and will make a lovely addition to your own Christmas celebrations.  Georg Jensen’s Fusion collection is made up of fun, out of the ordinary pieces that make it simple to combine into something unique to the wearer.  For a simpler look, their Torun bangles are timeless, classic, and available in varied sizes for both genders.

    You can give the gift of royal treatment with Clogau, and you’ll be given one of Clogau’s Past, Present & Future: The Spirit of Christmas bracelets when you spend £229 or more.  Made from silver, rose gold and Swarovski genuine white topaz, the bracelet will nicely compliment any winter occasion.  Every piece of Clogau jewellery contains rare Welsh gold, which our Royal family has been using since 1911.  The Spirit of Christmas bracelet will match just about any other Clogau piece, but we’re currently smitten with their Eternal Love collection.  The Eternal Love Diamond Locket is simple and beautiful.  The ageless beauty of diamonds set into the intricate heart locket pendant sends a message of unending love that will surely endure generations.

    We’re giving away a Christmas Star Key chain to anyone who spends £50 or more online or in our store.

    So spring into Steffans & give our team a visit

    Let’s make those Christmas dreams delightful & vivid

    Whatever you need, we’ll find what’s just right

    Merry Christmas to all, let your season be bright!

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