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All The Colours Of The Topaz Rainbow

The traditional birthstone for the wintery month of November is the topaz. Often associated with loyalty, friendship and faithfulness, the topaz also had links to strong medical related aids; being a benefit to those suffering with asthma, blood disorders, gout, insomnia and tuberculosis as well as given as a cure to fevers.

The word ‘topaz’ was believe to mean ‘fire’ and according to ancient legend, a topaz stone could be used to control heat, even harnessing the power to cool down boiling water as well as calming down people with anger issues.

The biggest producer of topaz is Brazil, with the most stones being mined in the Minas Geranis region.  Topaz gems are often also commonly found in Sri Lanka, China, Pakistan, Japan, Scotland and Nigeria. The topaz can have many different shades from light to medium blue, violet, yellow, pink, peach, gold, green and red.  The topaz stones with pink and orange red colours are the most rare and valuable.

Used throughout the Middle Ages by royalty and clergymen, a popular 13th century belief was that a topaz which has been inscribed with a falcon would help the wearer to harness the goodwill of kings, princes and magnates.

Topaz was also once thought to act against sudden death and once ground up, powdered topaz was regularly added to wine to prevent against insomnia and asthma.  For treating the eyes, a topaz stone would be placed and stored in wine for three days and three nights before the user would then rub the remaining liquid onto their eyes – believing the liquid would absorb the healing powers from the stone, and therefore cure any eye related problems.

The American Golden Topaz is probably the most famous topaz in the world – weighing in at a whopping 22,892.5 carats, which is 4.5785kg, the stone boasts a delightful combination of exceptional cut, clarity and colour.  Due to the sheer size of the uncut stone, it took two years to cut and polish to the finished article today. The American Golden Topaz was donated to the Hall of Geology, Gems and Minerals of the National Museum of Natural History of the Smithsonian Institution, which is where it is still housed today.

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