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April Birthstone - The Magical Sparkle of a Diamond

It may be our romantic association with them but there is something quite magical about April’s birthstone, with the Diamond remaining the most sought after of the gemstones, as their brilliance and beauty are held so precious to us.  The diamond is a symbol of strength and takes its name from the Greek word adamas which means unbreakable.  With many of the earliest diamonds discovered in India, these precious stones are also mined in Australia, South Africa, Canada, America and Russia.

Diamonds come in a surprising spectrum of beautiful colours with yellow, pink, brown, blue, orange, red and even black stones having been mined. The beautiful Koi Diamond above graduates from white, to light yellow, orange and black. This 32 carat stone is named after the Koi legend, when the fish swam through the yellow river and appeared like living diamonds, with one fish transformed into a Golden Dragon by the Gods, after a hundred year struggle against demons.

There are many instances where Diamonds have played in important part in history, none more so than The Tavernier Blue Diamond which originated from India, and was bought to France by Jean-Baptiste Tavernier.  The huge 112 carat stone of violet appearance was later cut by the court jeweller, with the famous French Blue a 68 carat stone then incorporated into the French Crown Jewels.  The French Blue was stolen during the French Revolution and believed to have been cut again to avoid it being traced, and in doing so the world famous Hope Diamond above was created.

The Beau Sancy Diamond sold for an incredible $9.7million at Sotheby’s in Geneva in 2012.  The world famous stone was worn by Marie de Medicis, Queen of France and was passed down through numerous Royal families throughout Europe.  The stone was originally brought to France by Nicholas de Harley, Lord of Sancy who at the time also possessed the Grand Sancy, a 55 carat shield shaped diamond, which uniquely featured no pavilion but two crowns.

Whatever size or indeed colour, Diamonds provide a precious gift that is forever treasured.

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