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CARAT* London Solitaire Ring: The perfect alternative to a conventional Engagement Ring

CARAT* London Solitaire Rings

Whether you’re looking for an engagement ring that is truly unique or want to get married around a particular budget, CARAT* London’s beautiful collection of solitaire rings can provide a stunning alternative to a conventional diamond ring. Crafted in the finest 9K White Gold and finished with impeccable quality, CARAT* London’s fine collection of solitaire bands have been designed to ooze elegance and sophistication, gleaming and glistening with every move you make.

In the crafting of each creation, CARAT* London have used the finest cubic zirconia stones, each cut with a minimum of 58 facets to ensure they sparkle beautifully and reflect every inch of light that touches them. Whilst the standard choice in this elegant collection generally considered to be the 1.0ct Brilliant Round Ring, the beauty of these idyllic solitaire rings is that they come with a variety of stone sizes. You can choose from a 1ct, 1.5ct, 2ct, 2.5ct, 3ct and 3.5ct stone in a selection of colours to ensure that you find the perfect ring for your style.

Furthermore, CARAT* London have designed each White Gold Ring to be compatible with a unique range of stone shape finishes, ensuring that you can create the perfect engagement ring for your loved one. With this in mind, we’ve taken a look at the 5 styles available at Steffans to help you select the perfect stone for your ring.

CARAT* London Brilliant Round Ring1. Round Brilliant Ring:

As possibly the most natural and classic looking stone, the Round Brilliant Ring choice is perfect for those looking for a timeless ring design. Cut with the optimum levels of clarity, this particular stone looks beautifully elegant and stands wonderfully proud from the finger, giving the wearer a ring that will enlighten your loved one’s life.



CARAT8 London Pear Cut Ring2. Pear Cut Ring:

As a more traditional and delicate looking stone, the pear cut finish will give your ring an extraordinarily sleek and sophisticated design. With 6 high sitting prongs perfectly keeping this stone in place, this style of ring will give you an engagement ring that is completely original and beautifully formed.




CARAT* London Rosy Ring3. Rosy Round Ring:

Although this particular ring is very similar to the round brilliant ring, the edgy and pronounced nature of this stone gives it a slightly different finish. This particular stone is also set with a six prong flush mount finish, giving it a very fitted appearance that ensures this ring becomes a part of you.



CARAT* London Princess Cut Ring


4. Princess Cut Ring:

This particular ring is a more contemporary choice that looks wonderful as a stand-out statement piece. Whilst not suited to be worn alongside another similar fitting ring, the square finish and flush mount of this CARAT* London Ring gives the wearer a wonderfully elegant piece.



CARAT* London Flanders Cut Ring5. Flanders Cut Ring:

With its distinctively square shape, this particular ring is very similar to the Princess Cut Ring. However, with its pronounced, pyramid-esc shape, this particular stone finish has a lot more height and definition. Because of the way it’s cut, it also has a lot more facets to reflect the light around you.




If you’d like to discover more about our full collection of CARAT* London Solitaire Rings and find out how you can get an engagement ring with a difference, please visit to see our full range.