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Celebrate the most historic cycling tour with Tissot

Tissot Tour de France Watch

When it started off life as a competition between 2 rival French newspapers all the way back in 1903, the historic Tour de France road race only had 15 competitors and lasted more than 6 weeks. Now more than 100 years after its birth and with developments far beyond any of the original innovators could ever possibly imagine, the world’s most prestigious road race has become renowned throughout the world for its unique style, dramatic stages and dedicated competitors.

To celebrate this year’s race and bring its style and drama into your jewellery collection, the Tour’s official watch sponsor Tissot have created a one-off limited edition timepiece that redefines watch craftsmanship. Admired by athletes and fine watch connoisseurs alike, this special edition piece is dedicated to this esteemed race and will give even the most revered rider a modern and contemporary edge.

Handcrafted in the finest Stainless Steel to the highest possible standards, the Tissot PR100 Tour de France Special Edition Watch has been based around one of their most popular timepieces and given a unique selection of design features that all bear the hallmark of this truly historic event. The first of these is the detailing work that has been placed on the dial face of each watch.

Tissot Tour de France Watch

Designed within a monochrome light grey and white clock face, the dial incorporates a modern and edgy bike wheel that merges in from the left of the face to pay reference to each cyclist within the race. In addition to this, Tissot have paid homage to the winners of the race and the historic yellow jersey by detailing the main second timer and smaller timer dials with a series of bold yellow watch hands. Finally, on the back of the watch this prestigious Swiss design team have engraved the back of the timepiece with the famous logo that the tour has become known for.

By combining all of these stunning and delicate features, Tissot have created a watch that stands out for its sleek and sophisticated design and redefines the classic styling that the PR100 has become famous for. Furthermore, it is built to last, with its name meaning particularly robust, just like the athletes that partake in the Tour de France.

To discover more about this one-off Tissot timepiece or to order your Tour de France PR100 watch today, please visit