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ChloBo Starry Eyes

"I wanted to celebrate the amazing connection between ourselves and the stars with the launch of my Starry Eyes Collection. I have spent long hours gazing at the moon & the stars, basking in full moonlight and dreamily contemplating the link between earth and the galaxies. As I’ve grown older I now understand that because the stars exist, we exist. We are not separate from the universe, we are literally made from stars.

When I saw that Astrological trends were set to be huge for AW14 I knew right away that is what I would base my Collection on. The charms have been chosen to reflect this trend and the semi-precious stones echo the beautiful solar colours. Mixing Silver & Rose Gold is key to achieving the ultimate Starry Eyes look, adding the textured faceted stones for some winter glitz!" - Chloe Moss

Shop the collection here and create your ultimate Starry Eyes Look!