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Christmas Day Proposals – Will You Be Taking The Plunge?

Christmas is always a lovely time for romantic surprises, and we always love it when we have customers come in looking for that perfect sparkling ring to surprise their partner with on Christmas Day. We’ve heard some amazing ideas for proposals too, from the romantic to the quirky, and we’re always pleased to see our customers returning in the New Year to choose their wedding rings and come into our Diamond Room to discuss their options. We love hearing about how happy everyone is planning their dream wedding and are always happy to listen and give our advice too.

For those of you thinking of proposing amidst the baubles, we’ve put together our top 5 ideas for a great, surprise proposal

Go Romantic Nothing beats a romantic meal with a sparkling ring to go with the sparkling wine, and it doesn’t matter if you choose to eat out or stay at home and cook. If you do choose to stay home, be sure to think about cooking a meal you will both enjoy, and also a dessert. You’ll need to decide when to actually propose – we wouldn’t recommend during the preparation of the meal, as it could be a distraction if something needs turning off and plating up. Either during dessert or after is usually a good time – many of our customers have actually hidden the ring in the dessert to be an extra surprise.

Be Adventurous If you’re more of an adrenaline junkie and your partner shares your enthusiasm, then why not propose in true adventurous style. We did have one gentleman who told us of his plans to propose during a joint skydive, but if that’s a little too much, how about planning a hike or nice walk, or climbing to one of Britain’s peaks and proposing at the top. Sharing a boat ride or going to your favourite theme park would also be great for fun lovers – but be sure you don’t lose the ring if you go on a rollercoaster!

Plan a weekend away If you fancy a Christmas treat, why not book a weekend away either on or around the 25th. This time of year is often one of the few where you can have the luxury of having more than a couple of days away from work together, so why not plan a relaxing retreat for the both of you to pamper yourselves and get engaged at the same time. Spa weekends usually go down well with the ladies, especially in a romantic setting such as on the coast.

Be Inventive If you fancy proposing in a quirky way, why not think up a game where the final prize is the ring and a handwritten note asking your partner to marry you. A great idea for this type of game is a treasure hunt, with clues leading to the final ring location. You could even team this up with a weekend away and let your partner find the booking or tickets before as part of the game, so it all becomes one big surprise with a diamond icing on the cake!

New Years Eve If you want to propose over the holiday season but can’t do it at Christmas, then New Years Eve is also a lovely time to ask. The start of a new year and a new chapter in your lives, with all the fun of planning a wedding – what could be more special. You can either go for a quiet proposal at home or at a function, or go the whole hog, steal the stage and ask your special someone for their hand in marriage in front of everyone – although, be aware, this type of attention isn’t for everyone and could be a little more risky than a quieter, toned down proposal.

If you are planning to propose or your dream wedding for 2014 then why not make a VIP appointment with one of our diamond specialists – we always want to be part of a happy ending!

Give us a ring on +44 (0)1604 636957 to book an appointment in our Diamond room, or arrange your viewing online.