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Corporate Jewellery That Will Last Forever

Gift Wrapping

If you have ever received a piece of jewellery, you will know the sentimental value and affect it has on a person. When someone gives you a piece of jewellery, it’s a special moment usually following on from a special event like a birthday, anniversary or celebration. So why should jewellery be saved for just special occasions when it can be for other victorious moments in life like retirements, a bonus for your employees or simply to increase your business brand recognition in a unique way? As the UK’s leading independent jewellery and watch store, Steffans Jewellers can provide your business with Corporate Jewellery that will last forever physically and in your mind.

A peak at our range of jewellery and watches

Steffans Jewellers was established in 1976 by Steffan Suter, where to this day is still running as a family-run business run by his son, Wes Suter, with stores located in Northampton and Market Harborough. Steffan felt a service-led jewellery store was missing from the local community at the time, therefore Steffans Jewellers was created.

Over the years, Steffans Jewellers has developed relationships with local businesses like the Saints Rugby Club, Northants Cricket Club and Silverstone, to big corporate companies like Avon, B&Q and GRS Roadstone. With an on-site workshop, not only do they manufacture their own jewellery, but they also retail their own jewellery as well as other big names such as Links of London, Hugo Boss, Mont Blanc and Gucci to name a few.

At Steffans Jewellers, their aim is to provide a tailor made solution for businesses who are looking for something different and that will last a lot longer than a pay rise or a night out. They believe more than ever, there is a bigger requirement for employees to reward their staff, therefore giving a piece of corporate jewellery will not only be a unique way of showing appreciation, but a piece of corporate jewellery could do wonders for your brand recognition.

Steffans takes pride in stocking the most incredible gifts, as they spend a lot of time finding the perfect gifts for all occasions. From cufflinks and watches, to necklaces and chains, Steffans can offer you a variety of choice and expert advice on what the best corporate jewellery is for you, whether it’s for rewarding your employees, to mark a special event or perhaps as a retirement or leaving present for someone in your team.

Wes Suter, Director of Steffans

“We want to provide a business-led solution to businesses requirements when they need it for something to say thank you” Wes Suter, Manager at Steffans commented. “We’ve got the facilities in house to provide a fast and effective service, which is something we pride ourselves on. If a client needs something for that day, we will pull out every stop to provide it.”

So what are the benefits of investing in corporate jewellery with Steffans? No matter what size the business is, Steffans can provide you with a group discount to ensure you go away with a cost effective solution and a smile on your face. Each business will have one dedicated account manager who will specifically deal with your account, so you will always know who to speak to as they will get to know your business inside out. Their aim is to provide a bespoke service, with a quick turnaround and can provide you with an invoice with 30 days payment terms.

Wes commented on taking the business under his wing after his father saying: “I’ve been in the business for 15 years and to continue with a family business means so much more than just a business - it’s a legacy that I live and breathe and I want to service the local community with something that they will never forget.”

Is it time you reward your staff with something truly unique? Is someone leaving or retiring your business after their long years of service and deserves a token to remember you by? Get your corporate jewellery from Steffans the Jewellers who are truly passionate about making gifts for life.

To find more about corporate jewellery for your business, call us on 01604 636957 or you can browse our impressive range of jewellery on our website.