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Exceptional Blue Diamond Found in South Africa

Sparkler: The jewel, about the size of a strawberry (pictured), is so pure that it is expected to eclipse the current world's most expensive diamond - a 507-carat white diamond dug from the same mine that sold for £20 million in 2010Found by the Petra Diamonds Ltd in South Africa, the diamond weighs in at a truly whopping 122.5 carats!  The same size as a strawberry, the diamond is a light blue shade and in comparison with real life objects, weights just shy of three £1 coins.This very rare flawless stone could set you back over £60 million if you wanted to purchase it.

It is almost completely unheard of to find a diamond these days weighing in at over 100 carats, so the discovery of this stunning stone will add to the market value of it.

When comparing to weight, one carat is equal to one 5th of a gram – so this diamond is around 25g. In comparison to today’s typical engagement ring, the stone is usually white and the weight of it is one carat – 0.20g.

But the stone isn’t the only exciting news for Petra Diamonds Ltd as their shares rose by 8% due to the discovery, adding £66mllion to the overall value of the company in one day.

At the moment, the blue diamond is being kept under lock and key and guarded by security prior to a private sale. It will then be polished and cut in Johannesburg before moving onto its new proud owners.

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