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Get in the Summer Spirit with CARAT* London’s unique draw-string Bracelets

CARAT* London Summer Layered Bracelets


CARAT* London Rose Gold Electra Bracelet

This week officially announced the start of Summer in the UK with the Summer Solstice bringing the first day of the new season. Whilst we’re yet to see the sun and heat that we’d expect to see for this time of year, when the sun finally does come out to play, it’s important that you have your wardrobe beautifully organised and ready to go so that you can continue to look your best over the months ahead.

Although much of this will involve sifting through your Summer collection to ensure that you have the perfect array of flowing dresses, delicate tops and comfortable sandals, finding the perfect accessories to give each garment a glamorous lift is just as important. Although there are many jewellery designers that will help you to achieve this, one particular designer that is taking the Summer fashion world by storm is CARAT* London.

CARAT* London Layered Bracelets

Known famously for their traditional and timeless brand of jewellery, CARAT* London have developed a very unique range of Bracelets that will look perfect with your Summer wardrobe in 2016. Drawing inspiration from a contemporary draw-string design, the Phoebe, Quentin and Electra Bracelet ranges give each wearer a wonderful collection of wrist-wear pieces that can be beautifully layered to give a multi-dimensional style.

Handcrafted in White, Yellow and Rose Gold, this elegant and edgy selection of bracelets have each been carefully considered to ensure they look as good together as they do on their own. Whilst the Phoebe bracelet has a textured and multi-faceted appearance, the Quentin and Electra Bracelets have a sleeker, more sophisticated design, giving each item an individual appearance that blends beautifully when worn together.

CARAT* London Quentin Bracelet

Whether you choose to have 1, 2, 3 or more, with this luxurious and sparkling selection of bracelets you can beautifully accessorize your Summer outfits and interchange your wrist-wear to suit your mood. Even if the weather should remain ‘typically British’ over the coming weeks, you’ll have a stunning assortment of jewellery that will endlessly lift your mood and style whenever you wear them.

To discover more about our wide range of CARAT* London layered bracelets and see how they can be worked together, please visit