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Get Up Close & Personal with Steff Jewellery

Personalised & Engraved Jewellery

When it comes to jewellery, personalisation is the key trend at the moment with more designers than every before offering unique customisation options. At Steffans we’ve gone one step further with our original Steff Jewellery collection by offering a stunning range of personal engraving options.

Engraved Steff JewelleryWe love the way that hand stamping or engraving a piece of jewellery can make it really unique, giving it a truly personal expression about a special moment in time. It can also wonderfully represent a special milestone of our own lives that we don’t want to forget and need to keep close to our hearts.

Steff Jewellery identified this growing trend and has developed an entire collection of jewellery that allows the wearer to completely personalise each item. What’s more, we have an expert range of engraving and hand stamping machines in-store that will allow you to personalise your chosen item around a style that completely suits your personality.

This style of personalised jewellery is very similar to the recent range launched by Thomas Sabo. The Love Bridge collection of bracelets allows special dates, names or inspirational mantras to be engraved onto each piece, giving them a truly unique feel. This memorable touch is completely individual to each item and is very akin to the Steff jewellery range.

Because of the way they are designed they also allow you to mix and match your items, giving them a layered feel that will help you to completely define your style. So if you’d you’d like to get ‘up close and personal’ and create a piece of jewellery that speaks volumes about you and your memories, please visit