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Gucci Launches Imaginative New Spring / Summer Collections

Renowned for their bold, passionate and sometimes quirky jewellery designs, Gucci have remained one of the industries most imaginative brands. Drawing inspiration from expert Italian craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail, Gucci never fail to amaze when releasing their Spring / Summer collections, and this year's trio are no exception.

This January, Gucci have once again looked to take a very unique direction with their Spring releases with a particular focus being placed on both love and the super-natural. With the fresh release of 3 new collections in the form of the San Valentino, Ghost and Blind for Love ranges, Gucci have really gone above and beyond for 2017 with piece that are guaranteed statement pieces.

To give you an idea of the inspiration behind each selection, we've created a range by range guide of each style to show you what these 3 new trends can offer.

San Valentino Collection:

Perfect for Valentine's Day and as a statement of the love you share with your partner, the San Valentino collection is Gucci's ode to the romance you hold within. Each piece within the range has a curvaceous and contemporary red enamel heart at its centre, all of which encase the famous Gucci symbol within.

Available as an elegant necklace, a beautiful bracelet or a stunning set of earrings, these pieces use 925 Sterling Silver as their base metal to create the flowing lines of each item. Because of this, the Gucci San Valentino range is sure to set hearts a flutter and be the stand out love collection this year.

The Ghost Collection:

Drawing inspiration from the super-natural and all things spiritual, Gucci's fun and playful new Ghost range is one of their most imaginative and truly unique collections yet. Designed around quirky, cartoonish ghost and skull characters with the Gucci 'double G' symbol in the middle, the ghost range combines a range of necklace pendants, rings, charms and earrings to give you a very distinctive style that's different from anything else you'll find on the high street.


The Blind for Love Collection:

With a focus on a bold, statement design and quirky personality, the new Blind for Love collection has injected a heavy dose of strong character that is sure to be a popular choice this February.

Using romantically scripted fonts and an imaginative use of beautifully crafted lion and tigers heads, this particular Gucci range presents another leap forward from Gucci's unique design style, providing customers with a wonderful choice of necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings that are sure to add even more personality to your jewellery box.

For more information or to buy items for any of these 3 new collections, please visit