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Happy Birthday Your Majesty

With the Queen having been born in Mayfair in 1926, today marks the her 88th birthday with numerous celebrations taking place to mark the occasion including gun salutes at the Tower of London and across the UK, prior to the trooping of the colour which will take place on the 14th June this year.

With the Queen choosing to spend her special day surrounded by family at Windsor, we explore some of the beautiful jewellery pieces which are famously included in her own collection, many of which are of historic significance.

The Brazil Parure (above) was a coronation gift to the Queen and consists of a statement diamond necklace with beautiful oblong aquamarines, and an aquamarine pendant drop with matching drop earrings.  The Queen later commissioned the tiara to be made which encompasses an array of aquamarines and diamonds, and following the success of their initial gift, the Brazilian Government later presented the Queen with the matching bracelet and brooch.

At the age of 25 Elizabeth became our Queen, with the coronation taking place on 2 June 1953. Whilst making her way from Buckingham Palace to the ceremony at Westminster Abbey she wore the Diamond Diadem, which dates back to George IV’s coronation in 1820 and was also worn by Queen Alexandra, Queen Mary (above) and Queen Elizabeth.  The Diadem was made by Rundell, Bridge & Rundell and features 1,333 brilliant-cut diamonds with a yellow diamond, forming the national emblems of England, Scotland and Ireland, with 2 rows of pearls at the base of the crown separated by a further row of diamonds.  The Diadem is worn by the Queen at the State Opening of Parliament each year. The Queen also wore the Coronation Necklace, which includes the Lahore Diamond a 22.48 carat stone as well as 25 cushion cut stones in a setting of gold, silver and platinum links. Designed by Garrard & Co in 1858, the necklace was originally created for Queen Victoria and subsequently worn by each Queen at their respective coronations in 1901, 1911, 1937 and 1953.

The Queen often adorns her outfits with brooches and inherited what is regarded as the most valuable brooch in the world as it incorporates the Cullinan III and IV diamonds cut from the Cullinan diamond mined in 1905.  The Cullinan III is a 94.4 carat pear shaped diamond, which hangs beneath the 63.6 carat cushion shaped Cullinan IV.  Prior to the brooch being made, the stones were also part of Queen Mary’s Coronation Crown, and worn in the photograph as the pendant for Queen’s Mary necklace.

The Halo Tiara dates back to 1936 and was a gift from George VI to the Queen Mother, and was later given to the Queen on her 18th birthday.  Whilst it may not be recognisable by the name, we have all seen this piece which features scrolls of diamonds as it was lent by the Queen to Kate and worn on her wedding day together with her veil, complemented by matching earrings which were a gift from Kate’s parents, with the Robinson Pelham commission design including scrolls and acorns signifying the Middleton’s family crest.

On the Queen’s 21st birthday she was presented with a beautiful diamond necklace by the Government of the Union of South Africa, with the graduated brilliants design the work of Garrard & Co. A 6 carat stone snap piece was also a gift from De Beers, following a visit to the Big Hole Mine and this was later made into a matching bracelet when the necklace was shortened.

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