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Introducing Sif Jakobs

Introducing Sif Jakobs

Sif Jakobs is the woman behind the jewellery and the company Sif Jakobs Jewellery.

Sif was born in Iceland and educated as a goldsmith in Sweden. Sif traveled all over the world taking inspiration for her journeys, she loves to see what is happening around the world and to be inspired by current fashion trends.

Since 2000, Sif Jakobs base has been in Copenhagen, For a long time Italy was also a second home for this designer, her love for Italian elegance is a constant source of inspiration and the reason why her collections are all named after Italian cities.

Sif Jakobs has been artistic all of her life. This passion for creating along with her lifestyle, and instinctive sense for quality and incredible design are all factors which contribute to her glamorous desgins which add a touch of luxury to everyday life.

Sif's idea is to create pieces that have a look and feel of complete luxury, with a simple and beautiful design for everyday.

 We have created a mood board which aims to help inspire you creatively, making your look more rebellious and daring,  as well as informing of the adventure Sif Jakobs has already been on in such a short space of time.

We have a beautiful selection of rings, earrings & necklaces available from the Sif Jakobs collections. Why not take a look at what we have available for you and not only that but to help you with your Sif Jakobs purchase we would like to offer an Introductory 10% off your first purchase. Use discount code SJ10 when you have your chosen piece in the basket to make a great saving. (This offer is available for one week only)