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March Birthstone - Treasure of Mermaids

Traditionally found in Brazil, Zambia, Nigeria, the Ukraine and Madagascar, the birthstone for March is the beautiful aquamarine. Derived from the Latin words “aqua marina” which translates to mean sea water, the gem is a transparent pale green / blue shade – just like tropical warm waters! Over the course of history, it was believed that the aquamarine was the treasure of mermaids and it was also believed that if an aquamarine stone made its way into your dreams, you would meet new friends upon waking.

Swarovski Aquamarine Pendant

The aquamarine stone is often associated with faithfulness, friendship and courage in difficult times. Traditionally, wearers of the stone believed that the gem offered awareness of issues and problems, quick responses and help easing any communication based problems. It was also thought that the gem was particularly good at healing throats and any illnesses relating to stress.

It is also widely thought of as stone that promotes a happy marriage, helping couples to sort out any differences and arguments, whilst also warding off the devil and his advances.

Although the colour of aquamarines is usually a very light blue, the darker and more intense the colour of the stone, the more valuable it is.

The largest cut aquamarine found is called the Dom Pedro aquamarine and is located at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History  - the Dom Pedro was mined in Brazil in the 80’s and got its name after the emperors of Brazil, Pedro I and Pedro II. Cut into an obelisk shape, the gem weighed in at 10, 363 carats when it was completed. It measures 32cms tall and 10cm wide.