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Perfect Jewellery Pairings for the Latest Spring Trends


Jewellery for Spring Fashions 2016

From must have lightweight denim to flowing clothing with a Spanish twist, Spring 2016 brings a unique array of new fashion trends to help bring some much needed sunshine to your wardrobe. But whilst you may have already picked out the perfect pleated dress or mixed a classic white shirt with a relaxed pair of suede trousers, knowing what jewellery and accessories to pair with these trends can be a whole different issue altogether.

With this in mind we've taken to the high streets to review some of Spring’s ‘must-have’ items and selected a statement Ring, Necklace, Bracelet or set of Earrings to go with each item. No matter what your style or lifestyle, we've selected a range of unique pieces from jewellery designers including Georg Jensen, Spectrum, ChloBo and Sif Jakobs to ensure you look perfectly coordinated this Spring.

Spring Fashion Chlobo Necklace

1. Classic White Shirt:

Whilst the lady’s white shirt is not necessarily a new trend, this season the classic Oxford White Shirt has been given a chic and contemporary designer makeover, transforming it from simple to souped-up. For this delicate and vibrant style, we've teamed it up with a free-flowing and edgy Sterling Silver Multi-Arrow Necklace from Chlobo (£115). Whilst this piece provides a big statement, it contrasts beautifully with the neutral style of the white shirt, giving a strong impact and perfectly complementing an elegant pair of slim fitting suede trousers.

Off-Shoulder Dress Jewellery

2. Off-the-shoulder:

Although off-the-shoulder tops and dresses are still an important part of any wardrobe, this year the latest trends show that designers are going more with tops and dresses that sit off-the-shoulder, but secure around the neck. This ensures that you still have a beautifully flattering style but with none of the constant readjustments that we experienced last year. For such a look, we feel that it’s important to have a necklace that’s elegant and multi-layered to enhance your top half. For this particular dress, we've chosen a Sterling Silver, Black Agate & White Freshwater Sphere Necklace from Georg Jensen (£575) that beautifully frames the neck area, but still provides enough shimmer and sparkle to enhance your dress or top.

Pleated Fashion Outfit

3. Pleated Garments:

One of the go-to garments this Spring is the Pleated Skirt or Dress. Whilst the high street has moved away from the car-wash pleats that were so big towards the end of 2016, we’re now finding that the finer, tighter knife pleat skirts and dresses will be a staple piece this Spring. For this classy and vintage style, we've decided to go for a luxurious and chic 9CT White Gold and Amethyst Bracelet from Spectrum (£975). This stunning bracelet exudes beauty and goes beautifully with the pleated skirt and top combination that we've chosen, enhancing the fine purple detailing of this elegant chiffon top.

Ladies Orange Fashion Jewellery

4. Overly Orange:

Yes, it is a pretty in-your face colour but this season Orange is making a big come back on the high street. Whether you choose to opt for a tangerine dress or a classy burnt orange skirt, vibrant orange is making a big impact on the fashion world at the moment. To help enhance your orange outfits, we've paired up this beautiful flowing orange dress with a Black Agate Regitze Bracelet from Georg Jensen (£338). With any orange garment, you need an accessory that won’t get lost and will contrast well with the brightness of the dress or skirt you’re wearing. This bracelet does this beautifully, and will add an extra touch or glamour and sophistication to day time or evening wear.

Jewellery for Fashion with a Spanish Influence

5. The Spanish Influence:

Whether you have a dress with a flamenco feel or and skirt that has a rich floral design, fashion has taken on a stunning Latino look for Spring, as high street stores embrace the Mediterranean. For this flamboyant red and black dress with lace detailing, we've selected a modern and sparkly Silver and Black Cubic Zirconia Ring from Thomas Sabo (£123.75). This ring will stand out to contrast beautifully with the classic Spanish styling and give your outfit some much needed glitz.

Denim Clothing Fashion

6. Lightweight Denim:

Although warm weather denim is nothing new, many of the top designers such as Gabriel Hearst and Opening Ceremony are showing a number of pretty jean dresses, skirts, shirts in their Spring Collections. For the light denim look, we wanted a pair of Earrings that would combine brilliantly with the rustic nature that denim provides, giving you some extra elegance. With this in mind, we've selected this glistening pair of Este Rhodium Plated Earrings with White Zirconia from Sif Jakobs (£199) to go with this cute denim shirt dress. They beautifully follow the flowing nature of the dress and add an extra touch of glamour to this fairly relaxed outfit.