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Rare Blue Diamond discovered in South Africa’s Cullinan mine

A huge 29.6 carat blue diamond has been discovered by Petra Diamonds at their Cullinan mine around 25 miles north-east of Pretoria. Petra Diamonds believe they have unearthed a very special diamond and have described the stone as “exceptional”. Blue diamonds only make up around 0.1% of all diamonds found each year, so they are incredibly rare.

With these beautiful stones sometimes selling well above £1.2 million per carat, this rare blue diamond could fetch anything from £10 million to £36 million at auction, depending on what buyers are prepared to pay for it.

Cullinan mine, which was acquired by Petra Diamonds in 2008, was also the home to a similar blue diamond discovered by the company in the same year. The rough diamond, known as ‘The Star of Josephine’, was cut into a near perfect stone and fetched £5.7 million at auction. Another notable blue diamond was found in the mine last year, the 25.5 carat stone was sold for a staggering £10 million at auction.

This won’t be the largest diamond to be discovered in the Cullian mine however. Back in 1905 ‘The Great Star of Africa’ was unearthed, the biggest rough gem diamond ever to be found weighing a whopping 3,106 carats. The diamond became famous in British history as it was presented to the British monarch Edward VII and was cut and formed part of the British crown jewels.

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