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Royal Warrant Spotlight: Burberry

Royal Warrant

Today, September 27th, marks 178 years since British fashion designer Thomas Burberry was born in Brockham Green, nr Dorking, England. Apprenticed at a local drapers shop, Thomas opened his outfitting business in 1856 and founded what would go on to be both one of the biggest fashion brands in the world and holder of several Royal Warrants as granted by the Royal Family. Specialising early on in outdoor wear and aviation garments, as well as introducing the hardwearing material gabardine to the market, Burberry has expanded over the years into 3 iconic brands, each targeting unique markets.

Thomas Burberry Thomas Burberry

Burberry Prorsum

The original base line for all Burberry wear, the Burberry Prorsum logo was developed in 1901 and registered as a trademark for the brand. Featuring a knight on a horse carrying a flag with the Latin “Prorsum” (“forwards”) featured clearly, this iconic image is instantly recognisable for all Burberry fans.

Famous faces to have worn Burberry Prorsum in recent years include Anne Hathaway, Cara Delevinge and Emma Stone. Bright satins and silks played a big part in their Spring ’13 collection and these celebs, amongst others, showcased their love for Burberry heavily at events such as the London Evening Standard Awards and the British Fashion Awards.

Burberry London

Carrying forward the heritage line of “wear to work” outdoor items including the infamous trench coat as developed in WW1 for the War Office, Burberry London is typically the higher end of the brand and is classed as elegant, eye catching and sartorial. New arrivals for the AW 2013 season include bright, contrasting animal prints, geometric dresses and of course, the timeless trench coat in a variety of colours and designs. Typically, Burberry London lines are worn for work and occasions where class and style are required, with elegant jewellery and accessories to complement the outfit.

Burberry Brit

Burberry Brit is a unique range of clothing, which includes the luxury and iconic design of the main Burberry brand, but is available to a much wider audience and is available with entry level pricing. The trench coat continues to be one of the best sellers of this line, as well as the famous Burberry Brit scarf, quilted jackets and a wide range of tops in different designs, including the famous Burberry stripe.

Royal Warrants

The Royal Warrants held by Burberry were granted in 1955 and 1989 by HM Queen Elizabeth II and HRH the Prince of Wales and continue to be displayed proudly by the company today.

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