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How Shaun Leane And Alexander McQueen Changed The Face Of Jewellery

The Victoria & Albert Museum is the perfect venue to host the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty collection, this highly anticipated event opened the 14th of March 2015 and is running all the way through until the 2nd of August 2015 and displays some of the most iconic pieces from the career of Alexander McQueen. But this event will have arrived at a poignant moment in the career of London based jewellery designer Shaun Leane, A long-time collaborator with McQueen, who created some truly breath taking  pieces for many of McQueen's Catwalk and that have taken a special place in the famed "cabinet of curiosities". Below Shaun pays tribute to the late designer's encouragement when he spoke to vogue earlier this year.

"Lee was a genius. His thought process was so unique - you had to work with him for years to understand it," Leane told us. "Once you were on his wavelength that's when beauty was created. It was a truly unique and creative experience which gave me the platform to push the boundaries of jewellery design, allowing me to grow to be the designer I am today."

Below is a video of Shaun recreating one of his most dramatic pieces from his time with Alexander McQueen doing Catwalk shows together.

Shaun's incredible eye for detail and exquisite design is what has made him one of the most iconic jewellery designers in the country We are always excited to find out what he has in store next. Our Northampton store boasts a variety of his pieces, each in their own collections, it's easy to see why he is one of our most desirable brands.

The Shaun Leane quill collection is his latest installment. As you can see, the pieces are beautiful, inspired heavily on the idea of a porcupine's quill these pieces merge flawlessly into his overall style of pushing the standards of exceptional jewellery.

All of Shaun's pieces are incredible and we would love to see you all wearing them, so for one week only we will be promoting all of his collections at a special price, simply click here and view his stunning pieces. Make sure you use SHAUN10 at the check out to save 10% on any Shaun Leane piece.