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Star Signs - It's Gemini's time

Best Wishes are sent to all Gemini’s who celebrate their birthdays between the 21st May and the 21st June this year.  The name Gemini takes it origins from the Greek word for twins and the star sign is represented by Castor and Pollux the sons of Leda in Greek mythology.  It is said that following the death of Castor, Pullox appealed to Zeus to stay with his twin and as such they were transformed into the Gemini constellation remaining together forever in the heavens.  The two brightest stars within the constellation of 85 are named after the legendary Greek figures.

Gemini’s are often regarded as fiercely independent who thrive on freedom and change. Imaginative, energetic and adaptable Gemini’s make good company, both witty and clever they are excellent communicators and can be relied upon as a good source of advice. With the Yin comes the Yang and some Gemini’s can be restless and impulsive, keen to move on and experience whatever is happening next in the world.

Given the above characteristics of some Gemini’s it is of no surprise that many successful actors have been born under this sign these include Johnny Depp, Morgan Freeman, Angelina Jolie, Marilyn Monroe, Helena Bonham Carter, Nicole Kidman and Colin Farrell. Rappers Kanye West and Tupac Shakur, singer Michael Jackson and comedian Russell Brand are also included in the long list of famous Gemini’s.

In Chinese astronomy Gemini is known as “shaung zi zuo” with the twin constellation situated across the quadrants of The White Tiger of the West and The Vermilion Bird of the South.  The astral stone of Gemini is the Pearl noted as one of the oldest and most precious gifts of nature, it is a symbol of humility, purity and harmony. One of the largest pearls ever discovered was the Pearl Maxima with colours of cream and gold, it weighs 2385 grain and measures 71mm in length.  This magnificent example was owned by Counts and Kings before being set by Dutch Goldsmith Willem Van Kooten together with precious stones into an intricate and striking gold base, which is now housed at the National Museum of Natural History in the Netherlands.


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