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The sixth sign of the Zodiac, Virgo people in the UK are born as the summer begins to slide into autumn, marked by golden sunlight and the harvesting of crops. A gentle time of year, it is no wonder that those born under the sign are known for their tranquillity and modesty. Whilst the sign may be represented by virgin, this is not meant to be taken literally – rather, look to how a virgin may be traditionally viewed and you see many words which describe those born under this sign – pure, modest, compassionate and, well, fussy.

Virgos are well known for being pedantic. This quality can grate on some, but combined with diligence and excellent communication skills, reliability and attention to detail makes Virgos some of the highest achievers in numerous fields. Practicality and an ability to quickly digest and analyse information combine to make people who are often unrivalled in their own academic and workplace environment. Whatever Virgos choose to do, they apply themselves fully and excel, their insight and precision enabling optimum performance. A demonstration of Virgo’s successful streak can be seen by looking into famous people born under the sign; these include Jack Black, Rupert Grint, Beyoncé and Pink.

Just as the autumn nurtures us with ripe fruit and vegetables, Virgos nurture those around them. Calm, caring and genuine, they are also balanced in their viewpoints and loyal. This makes them popular as friends and confidants. Some of their beneficial characteristics can also turn sour in the wrong environment, however, with loved ones sometimes seeing them as finicky and interfering – unable or unwilling to change their viewpoint. Their analytical skills and good memory also make Virgos become somewhat sceptical over time, as the truth is often less than what those with integrity desire.

The Virgo desire to accomplish goals and to be ‘perfect’ has pros and cons in romantic relationships. Their natural intellectualism and caring nature make them desirable partners, but their desire to analyse and even over-think things can get frustrating. Those wanting to date a Virgo can benefit from a loyal and loving relationship, but they must be willing to put in time and effort in order to earn trust and proximity. For those looking for Virgo gifts, there birthstone is the intricate and mesmerising gem, sapphire.