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Since originally being launched by award-winning jewellery designer Scott Thompson back in 2003, CARAT* London has become one of the world’s most sought after jewellery houses, delivering pieces that demand to be warn as much as they are admired. Drawing inspiration from traditional jewellery craftsmanship but with a modern twist, the CARAT* London brand has continued to amaze and delight over the last few years, leading to many of the celebrity world wearing this most quintessential of British brands.

From Lady Gaga and Ellie Goulding to Rita Ora and Lily Allen, CARAT* London jewellery has become synonymous with opulent style and delicate elegance, using the finest diamonds and semi-precious stones to create a collection of jewellery that sparkles and shines with every movement. To help give you a detailed guide through the world of CARAT* London, and help you decide what a piece of CARAT* jewellery can do for your style, we’ve taken a look at the four different types of jewellery that CARAT* London create, along with the inspiration behind each collection.

CARAT* London Necklaces & PendantsNecklaces & Necklace Pendants:

Whether you choose a necklace from the contemporary Millennium range or a necklace pendant from CARAT* London’s original and beautifully traditional Basics collection, the selection of Necklaces & Necklace Pendants from CARAT*s complete collection offer a sense of luxury rarely found in modern jewellery.

For each piece, CARAT* London have placed precedent on the stones used across the full necklace, whether it be a single solitaire stone or a cluster of beautiful jewels. Because of this, their exquisite necklaces & necklace pendants provide a stunning focal point to the style of any wearer, giving your top-half sparkling glamour.

With this particular range of necklaces, we’d recommend wearing most of them with a special outfit or evening dress, as they will perfectly bring out the glamour of the occasion. You can also pair necklaces such as the 2.0ct 4 Prong Round Pendant with an every day dress or traditional work wear suit.

CARAT* London BraceletsBracelets:

Just like CARAT* London’s necklace collection, the bracelets from CARAT* London provide a very distinctive style. Normally crafted around a pull-string bracelet or tennis bracelet design, CARAT* have paid meticulous attention to detail with each bracelet design, ensuring that they flow freely around your wrist and glisten beautifully as the light passes over them.

Available in Sterling Silver, White Gold, Yellow Gold and Rose Gold, the bracelet range of CARAT* London is perfect for any outfit or any occasion. Whilst they are extremely glamorous, the pretty nature of these delicate bands offer a sense of beauty that will compliment a statement watch or beautifully enhance other bracelets.

CARAT* London RingsRings:

Designed to create a statement wherever you go, CARAT* London’s stunning collection of rings will give any wearer a distinctive aura of beauty. Drawing on the ring design from a bygone era, CARAT* London use traditional ring crafting techniques to put the focus on the stone that is at the heart of each piece.

Using a luxurious collection of diamonds, cubic zirconia, sapphires and emeralds, CARAT* London cut each stone with perfect precision, creating multi-faceted designs that shimmer and sparkle with every inch of light. Because of the styling of their solitaire collection, and the beautiful white and yellow gold that they use, these gorgeous rings provide the perfect choice for a Wedding or Engagement Ring.

Alternatively, some of their more contemporary rings such as the White Gold 3.5ct Spider Cluster Ring can beautifully accessorize a little black dress or a flamboyant ball gown.

CARAT* London EarringsEarrings:

Much like the rest of the CARAT* London jewellery range, CARATS* drop and stud earrings radiate sophistication. Crafted in the finest sterling silver, white gold and yellow gold, CARAT* London have taken a classical approach to the design of their earrings, delivering jewellery that is beautifully pretty and wonderfully unique.

Unlike much of the modern and contemporary earring collections that are a constant throughout the jewellery industry, CARAT* London have created each piece with a sleek, sophisticated and elegant design. Because of the glamorous nature of each piece, the CARAT* London earring collection are perfect for a special occasion or giving a classic 2 piece suit a touch of extra sparkle.

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