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Style Guide: Georg Jensen

Georg Jensen Jewellery Style Guide

Georg Jensen JewelleryHistory:

With a history that spans back over 100 years, Danish designer Georg Jensen has developed an enviable reputation in the jewellery industry, creating pieces that exude aesthetic design and quality craftsmanship. But whilst this truly unique brand is well known for their stunning and luxurious jewellery collections, since first becoming established in 1904, Georg Jensen has produced a range of lifestyle products that range from hollowware to watches and home products.

Georg Jensen Silversmith

Formed around a desire to create dramatic designs that possess both functionality and beauty, over the years Georg Jensen’s style has embraced many Art Noveau concepts, injecting classical shapes with free-flowing lines and exquisite detailing. It’s because of this unique vision that their timeless collections have lasted the test of time, becoming the 'go to' brand for jewellery wearers around the world.

To help give you a greater understanding of this truly original brand, and show you how their stunning jewellery can be used to enhance any style, Steffans have created a detailed review of 3 different Georg Jensen collections that we stock in-store and online to explain the inspiration and features behind each range.

Georg Jensen Fusion Jewellery CollectionFusion Collection:

As arguably the most popular Georg Jensen Jewellery Collection, the Fusion range focuses on combining a variety of warm and luxurious metals into perfectly shaped and set pieces. Many items within this range take inspiration from the seasons we live in, drawing flair and elegance from spring, summer, autumn and winter to provide pieces that play on your senses.  Because of the edgy and contemporary nature of the Fusion range, this collection would be perfect for ladies who are looking for a statement piece to help them to stand them out from the crowd.

This collection has been designed to work seamlessly together, allowing each necklace, bracelet, ring and earring set to be worn effortlessly together. This is even more apparent with the Georg Jensen White Gold Fusion Earrings and Pendant, a must have pairing that shimmers elegance because of the fine diamonds that are beautifully set into each piece.

Georg Jensen Infinity Jewellery CollectionInfinity Collection:

Unlike the edgy designs and straight line styling of the Fusion range, the Infinity Collection utilizes much more curvaceous and slender designs, embracing the concept of everlasting love to deliver a range that will make your loved one feel extra-special. Formed primarily around the finest Sterling Silver, the Infinity collection uses intertwining shapes to create beautifully ornate pieces.

Whilst many of the Georg Jensen Bracelets and Bangles within the Infinity collection are styled around one free-flowing design, there are a number of drop pendant necklaces, rings and earring sets that incorporate brilliant cut diamonds, giving the wearer an extra touch of sparkle. In terms of what they can be worn with, the charismatic Bangles and Bracelets work beautifully as an accessory with everyday wear, whereas the diamond encrusted Infinity Earrings, Rings and Necklaces work beautifully with a little black dress or an elegant ball gown.

Georg Jensen Mobius Jewellery CollectionMÖBIUS Collection

With no beginning or end, the MÖBIUS collection embraces continual movement and curved elegance. As one of Georg Jensen’s more refined and dynamically shaped ranges, the MÖBIUS collection really utilizes the aesthetic detailing that this truly original jewellery brand has become renowned for.

Our favourite item within this collection is the MÖBIUS Sterling Silver Bangle. Inspired by geometry and incorporating a sleek twisted design, this item is a magnificent example of post-modern innovation and beautiful craftsmanship. Because of the contemporary chic of this unique Bangle, it looks best worn with a smart and sophisticated trouser suit and is the perfect accessory to make you feel empowered during an important business meeting.

As you can see from these stunning 3 ranges, Georg Jensen really does break the boundaries of jewellery design, creating collections that are completely original and beautifully hand-crafted. To see our full range of Georg Jensen products, and receive a FREE Georg Jensen Keyring worth over £35 when you spend over £100 on products across the full Georg Jensen range, please visit

Georg Jensen Keyring Offer