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The Gems Of Elizabeth Taylor

Born on 27th February, 1932 Elizabeth “Liz” Taylor went on to become one of the greatest actresses of the famous Hollywood Golden Age. Taylor’s life was a rollercoaster which included eight marriages, many life threatening illness and a huge penchant for jewellery. After her death at the age of 79 on 23rd March, 2011, Taylor’s magnificent jewellery collection that she had collected over her years was thought to be worth a truly staggering $150 million.

In her jewellery collection, she owned the Krupp Diamond, the Taylor-Burton Diamond and the La Peregrina Pearl to name but a few.

The Krupp Diamond

The Krupp Diamond is a huge 33.19ct stone set into a ring that was given to Taylor to celebrate the fourth anniversary of their first marriage from Richard Burton. At 2011, the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) stated that the diamond was D in colour and VS1 in clarity – all pointing at the fact that the diamond is not only huge, but internally flawless. Simply stunning!

Taylor often stated that The Krupp Diamond was her favourite out of all of the jewels that she owned. On 16th December, 2011 The Krupp Diamond was renamed The Elizabeth Taylor Diamond by her estate following from her death ad was sold at auction at Christie’s in America for a staggering $8,818,500! When this price was broken down, the buyer paid $265,697 per carat, a record for a colourless diamond.

Taylor-Burton Diamond

Found in 1966 in South Africa and weighing in at 241 carats, this rough diamond was cut by Harry Winston to 69.42 carats and into a pear shape, allowing the light to flow through. As with the Krupp Diamond, this beautiful necklace was given to Taylor as a gift from her husband Richard Burton and she worn it publically for the first time at Princess Grace of Monaco’s 40th birthday party, which was held in Monaco. Unlike the Krupp Diamond which was worn almost all of the time, the Taylor-Burton Diamond was reserved for higher end celebrations. After the divorce of Taylor and Burton, Taylor decided to auction the diamond to raise money for a hospital in Botswana – in 1978, she raised $5 million dollars.

The current owner of the Taylor-Burton Diamond had the diamond recut to 68 carats.

La Peregrina Pearl

Purchased for Taylor from Richard Burton for a fee of $37,000, it was given as a Valentine’s Day gift during their first marriage. Throughout the history of the pearl, it had gone missing a few times, namely by different owners at Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace. However, when Taylor ‘lost’ it, she was in Caesar’s Palace, Nevada with Burton, who adored the pearl. Taylor said in her book, ‘Elizabeth Taylor: My Love affair with Jewelry’ that she was wearing the necklace and when she reached down to touch it, it was no longer there. After getting slightly hysterical and retracing her steps, she found it in the mouth of her puppy, who lucky had neither swallowed it nor scratched the pearl!

In December 2011, the pearl was sold at Christie’s for a record breaking $11 million.