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The Opal Rainbow

Hope, innocence and purity – all associated with the birthstone for October, the opal. Traditional metaphysical properties for the opal include happiness, faithfulness, confidence and loyalty. For a very long time, opals were believed to contain healing properties that were thought to be effective in treating problems affecting the eyes and according to ancient myths, the opal was used to enhance visualisation, imagination, healing and dreams.

Pandora Opal Birthstone Earrings


Precious opal contains many colours from clear to white, grey, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, magenta, rose, pink, slate, olive, brown and black.  Out of these different colours, red against black is the rarest combination and greens and whites are the most commonly found.

With a hardness rating on 5.5 – 6 on the Mors Scales, the opal is rated as having the same hardness as August’s birthstone, the peridot.

Opals are Australia’s natural gemstone and according to Aboriginal legend, the creator came down to earth via rainbow to bring to mankind the message of peace.  Where the creator’s feet touched the ground, the rocks mixed with the rainbow and turned into opals. Opals are also often found in American and Mexico.

Back in 1954, Queen Elizabeth II was given The Andamooka Opal marking her first visit to South Australia and named after the historic town it was found in.  The opal was cut and polished to a weight of 203 carats – a whopping 41 grams! Featuring a spectacular array of blues, reds and greens it was surrounded by diamonds and set into an 18 carat palladium necklet, the Andamooka opal is considered to be the finest opal ever discovered.

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