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The Steffan's Style Guide Inspired By London Fashion Week

Steffans Jewellery Fashion Guide

With the first half of London Fashion Week over and the second half under way, now is the perfect opportunity to take a look at some of the latest trends to come out of the nations capital over the last few days and how this may affect the jewellery that can help to complement these styles.

Whilst a big focus has been placed on influences from the Ottoman Empire and creations with a Middle Eastern influence, there has also been great interest in street styles and casual fashions, with a big preference being placed on rough denims and loose fitting garments.

Although many of these styles will provide a great deal of flexibility to Spring / Summer wardrobes, without some much needed accessory choices, your 2017 style will be far from complete. With this in mind we've hand picked 3 defining styles that have been re-discovered at this month's fashion week and paired them with 3 flattering jewellery pieces to help bring your look to life.

Casual Creation Fashions

Casual Creations

Whilst many of the more casual ranges to come out of London Fashion Week are similar to those of previous years, the year has seen ever more emphasis on pairing ripped jeans with loose fitting shirts and t-shirts as well the off-the-shoulder mack or rain coat. To perfectly complement this relaxed style, we've chosen 3 pieces that provide a clean and crisp appearance whilst giving a touch of extra sparkle.

To add further glamour to the look with chosen 2 items from the Thomas Sabo Sparkling Circles collection in the form of the Thomas Sabo Sparkling Circles Necklace (£90) and the Thomas Sabo Sparkling Circles Ring (£125). Whilst very delicate in their appearance, this 2 pieces will accentuate the modern casual style. In addition to this, we've also selected the Skagen Klassik Mesh Watch (£115) for the minimalist yet luxurious feel that it adds to this look.

Casual Creation Jewellery Fashions from Thomas Sabo and Skagen Formal Fashions

Formal Flair

This year for formal or night time wear, a lot of focus has been placed on sleek, elegant and well-fitted dresses in rich and classic colours. From re-inventions of the 'LBD' that have an emphasis on figure fitting styles to pairing bright, pleated sundresses with off-the-shoulder tailored jackets and plunging blouses, a lot of this years' designs are very simplistic and follow delicate silhouettes.

To perfectly complement these naturally luxurious fashions, we've selected 2 stunning pieces from the Steff Angel Wing range in the form of the Rose Gold and Silver with Diamond Necklace Pendants (£369) and the Silver Angel Wing Earrings (£30). Beautifully elegant in their own right, these 2 items contrast wonderfully against the dark colouring of these more formal dresses and follow their more sleek, sophisticated nature.

To add further glamour to this style and give the wearer a strong statement piece, we've then chosen the sophisticated and timeless Longines Rose Gold La Grande Classique Watch (£780). Perfect for a big night out or a special event, like the Angel Wing pieces this beautiful timepiece contrasts wonderfully against an 'LBD' and adds a bold yet elegant piece of wristwear.

Formal Jewellery Fashions from Steff and Longines

Latest Street Style FashionsStreet Style

As a fashion that is continuing to grow in popularity on the high streets, street style garments are beginning to become a mainstay for many wardrobes across the country. As part of the following for this trend at London Fashion Week, a lot of focus has been placed on more dramatic and vibrant slogan t-shirts, on cropped and ripped stonewash denims and on free-flowing full length over shirts.

To go with this more relaxed style, we've selected 2 items from ChloBo's Gypsy Dreamer collection, as well as a stunning timepiece from the Thomas Sabo watch collection. From ChloBo we've chosen the Gypsy Dreamer Silver Toggle Necklace (£300) and the Gypsy Dreamer Black Oynx and Silver Toggle Bracelet (£130) because they work perfectly together to offer a more relaxed and fluent accessory that will constantly add a much needed shimmer to this alternative look.

These two items then work very well with the Thomas Sabo Silver Glam Spirit Watch (£170) we've also chosen for this look. This particular timepiece has been designed around a very dynamic and graceful style that works wonderfully against the contrasting rough and ready nature of this ever developing street style.

Contrasting Jewellery from ChloBo and Thomas Sabo for the Street Style

We hope that this style guide has given you some inspiration for what will work perfectly with your style, but should you need further guidance on the ideal piece of jewellery to wear with your next outfit then please don't hesitate to contact us on 01604 622090.