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Thomas Sabo Celebrates Life!

Thomas Sabo Karma

The new Thomas Sabo Karma Beads collection features 72 jewellery beads symbolizing positive energy, joie de vivre and fortune, offering fabulous designs that are as diverse as life itself.  With Karma Beads, the wearer determines their own Karmic style and their own message of fortune in an item of jewellery.  The filigree combinations can be arranged in a customized manner and combined with many items of the Thomas Sabo Sterling Silver Glam & Soul Collection to create personal compositions.

Karma Beads Bracelet

The Karma principle: 'If one sows goodness, one will reap goodness'.  The term Karma, originating from Sanskrit, means 'action' or 'deed'.  The wearer can bundle their Karma in whichever combination they choose and inspire expressive, personal looks and thoughts using the items of jewellery.

Georgia May Jagger

The Karma Beads designs are a homage to the Sterling Silver favorites.  Whether a sun, a snake or a dragon, numerous icons adorn the filigree, artfully finished beads in Sterling Silver, rose gold or yellow gold plating.  Exquisite patterns, stone embellishment, hand cut symbolic semi-precious stones and a cultivated freshwater pearl underline the outstanding quality of this new collection.

Georgia May Jagger

The Karma Beads are simultaneously style statements and true combination talents.  All Karma Beads can be worn on the new bracelets, necklaces and earrings, worn  on their own or combined with other collection pieces, hence creating unique and very personal jewellery statements that bundle one's personal Karma.  The Wheel of Karma attracts all eyes and symbolizes inner balance and as a magical pendant, it concentrates all goodness inside.

Express your own Karma!