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Top Picks for those born in August!

August is a favourite for many people – memories of summer holidays perhaps? Or maybe due to the long, hot days (hopefully), atmospheric rain storms and golden wheat fields. For some, the reason is a bit more personal as many celebrate their birthday this month and for the first 23 days of August, this means being born under the majestic star sign Leo. Courageous and charismatic, Leos have a lot of heart to share. Some of our favourite jewellery for August is listed below.

X By Trollbeads Silver Leo Link

This magnificent miniature lion bead captures the natural dignity of the lion and is a must have piece for Leos and animal lovers who are fans of the X range. Made from sterling silver, the bead measures 12mm(H) x 22mm(W) x 8mm(D).

Kranz & Ziegler Story Lion Charm

With stunning gold plating, this charm from the Story range is reminiscent of August’s golden glow and is a detailed portrayal of one of nature’s finest creatures. Also available in sterling silver, the charm is a stunning addition to a fashionable leather wrap bracelet in ether shade.

Pandora Crown Pendant

A slightly different take on celebrating all things Leo, this sterling silver pendant from the ever popular Pandora range can be used to represent the qualities of the King of Beasts. A talking piece, this detailed crown set with cubic zirconia adds a touch of grandeur to any outfit.

Thomas Sabo Sterling Silver Green 'Peridot' CZ Charm (August)

Thomas Sabo’s take on peridot, the olive green birthstone of August. The stone is set in sterling silver and will complement a Sabo bracelet or necklace perfectly – a beautiful gift for someone born in August with a love of fine jewellery – and this is just one of the peridot themed products we have available.