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Turquoise Treasure

Everyone loves December – Christmas, time off work, spending time with the family, overeating and hopefully, snow! But for those of us that are born in December, it’s about more than just Christmas and turquoise is the stunning birthstone for this festive month.

One of the oldest known gems in the world, turquoise has some very identifying characteristics: the opaque greeny – blue colour, the unique shape and textured appearance and feel.  Imported via Turkish traders, hence the name, history has shown that this particular gem was very popular in Ancient Egyptian times. Loved by Egyptian royalty, the mask of the most famous Egyptian ruler, King Tutankhamun was inlaid with the colourful gem alongside a variety of other stones of different colours. History has also proven that turquoise was also popular and treasured by the Persians, Aztecs, Indians and Chinese.

It was believed that turquoise would promote wellbeing and positivity in a person, driving away evil spirits and negative energy. It was also thought that keeping an item of turquoise on one’s person would protect the wearer from illness and also reduce the negative side effects associated with over indulging in alcohol as well as conditions such as sciatica, blisters and toenail issues.

Turquoise is commonly found in China, Afghanistan, Australia, Northern Chile and North India.

Similar to a pearl and with a rating of 5 – 6 on the Mohs scale, turquoise should avoid being in direct sunlight and have minimal contact with cosmetics, perfume and moisturisers due to the properties that create this unique gem.

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