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What to look for in a Vintage Watch

Vintage Longines Gents Admiral L3.666.4 Watch Vintage Longines Gents Admiral L3.666.4 Watch

For those considering purchasing a vintage watch it can sometimes prove a difficult choice as there are many elements to consider, but help is at hand from us at Steffans, so whether a gift for yourself or a loved one, narrowing down your search for a treasured timepiece will be far easier.

Many seek to purchase a vintage watch as an investment, whilst others may wish to purchase simply because they adore the styling of these vintage pieces, whatever is prompting you to purchase authenticity is key.  Buying from a reputable source that guarantees the authenticity of the timepiece you are purchasing allows you to buy with confidence, and know that the watch in question is everything that you hoped it would be.

There may be a particular brand or designer that you are looking for or indeed a certain style of watch, and vintage offers the wearer a wide range of choice with everything from diving, sport and aviation influenced styling, to the finest dress watches for men and women that reflect the styles of times gone by.

 Vintage Breitling Gents Emergency E56321 Watch Vintage Breitling Gents Emergency E56321 Watch

Due to the nature of these vintage pieces, it is important to examine and ascertain the condition of the watch you are interested in.  There may be signs of wear and whilst in some cases these can also add to the charm of the vintage timepiece this is not always the case.  It also remains imperative that you check the working condition of the watch and obtain information regarding when the watch was last serviced.  This, together with the original packaging and the information it contains will give you a more accurate account of the watch history and its current condition.  Identifying if replacement parts have been used or are available if necessary is also important.

Differing models will present different watch movements including mechanical, automatic whereby the watch is self-winding, battery and digital quartz. The materials used in the production of the watch case and strap will also vary depending on the style and age of the watch itself with gold, titanium, stainless steel and ceramic all proving popular choices.

The good news is that whatever your budget there is a vintage watch for you, and with our expertise and fantastic vintage selection we hope we can help in your search for a treasured timepiece. Either give us a call on 01604 679096 or email and we will always be more than happy to help!