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The start of your adventure...

After weeks of waiting with anticipation the day has finally arrived and the secret is out...X by Trollbeads has been released! We are extremely excited to be able to share this with you and we feel very proud to be stockists of such a unique product.

X by Trollbeads is the next revolution in personalised jewellery and a simple yet quirky concept we're certain you'll love. The idea is for you to design and build your own individual bracelet or necklace by slotting together separate links and locks as shown below:

There are four main materials that make up this collection including sterling silver, bronze, gold and rubber. Rubber is a new material Trollbeads have introduced which offers a fresh and alternative approach – “The surface of Rubber X feels almost alive to the touch. A brand new material that brings an exciting edge to any combination” (Designer Lise Aagaard)

The silver, gold and bronze have been carefully crafted into links with intricate designs as well as the classic locks designed to naturally blend in. The durable rubber X remains only in link form to enable you to join the pieces together in an affordable yet modern way. All links are sold separately for you to create a truly unique piece. Here at Steffans we have also created two starter bracelets to help you with your adventure, combining rubber with silver and bronze!

Where to start....the possibilities are endless?! Whether you want a collection based on the look and feel of the materials, the styles of your favorite designer, or the stories of the individual links...start your adventure by clicking here! For further information and advice please do not hesitate to call us on 01604 622090.

As always, we love to hear your comments and especially your thoughts on this new range, head to our facebook page to start a discussion!