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  • Swarovski Jewellery & Watches
Swarovski Jewellery & Watches

Swarovski Jewellery & Watches

Beautifully crafted Swarovski crystal jewellery is a must-have item to give you all the sparkle, glitz and glamour of the ball. Renowned for their crystal glass sculptures and dazzling figurines, Swarovski have refined their precision cuts into smaller, more delicate pieces that continue to outshine the competition.

They've have been at the forefront of cutting and polishing stones since 1895, starting out with polished crystal and later moving into the fine jewellery industry in 1965. The Swarovski business has remained family-owned since it’s early beginnings and the name has become synonymous with quality crystals across the globe.

From twisted wrap bracelets in slate grey and rose gold, to rings using the finest Rhodium, Swarovski designs pieces that give the wearer a sparkling glow and luxurious appearnace. Their bright and pretty stones adorn each band to produce a subtle, understated jewellery piece that will compliment a range of formal and casual outfits.

Their jewellery range consists of many unique, precision-cut stones embedded in Sterling Silver and Rose Gold, and their rings, bracelets and necklaces are increasingly popular alternatives to diamonds without sacrificing style or quality. Their move into semi-precious stones brings with them over 150 years of craftsmanship and a name that is known the world over for precision.


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Swarovski Jewellery & Watches







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Swarovski crystal earrings make the perfect gift for a loved one. From simple circular designs boasting large stones, to pendant shapes and edify earrings finished with polished crystal pearls with Swarovski you can change your look in an instant with retro designs, extravagant shapes and sparkling crystal inlays that make a statement.

Because many of the watches and jewellery pieces within the Swarovski range have a very opulent and luxurious feel, many of the items within the full collection will look perfect when paired with a special evening outfit or a contemporary day suit. In addition to this they will also give everyday garments a touch of sparkle and class that is sometimes needed to brighten your day.

With quality craftsmanship and exquisite design, a Swarovski piece will remain with you forever and will bring you a lifetime full of memories, no matter when or where you wear it.