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Trollbeads Beads & Charms


Trollbeads help you create memories for life, reminding you of your best experiences and happiest moments. Mix and match the stunning pieces to create accessories as individual as you are.

Originating from Copenhagen in 1976, the Trollbeads family have taken their original 6 bead designs and captivated the world with an extensive range of interchangeable jewellery pieces. These include their ranges of exquisite bracelets, necklaces, bangles, earrings and rings detailed with intricate silver, glass, semi precious and 18ct gold beads too. Create your own collection, tell your own story and immortalise your memories.

Trollbeads, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings are launched in their seasonal collections each year at Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter with special creations available around Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. 

Their inspiration comes from a wide range of sources. From fairy tales to astrology, flowers, culture and everyday life. Each designer crafts a little of their own personality into every design, telling a story or personal achievement or experience that can be applied to many of your own, and every Trollbead owner around the world will have a moment in time dedicated to their every bead. 

The beads derive from a time when the fashion was to wear a silver bead hanging from a leather thong around the neck. Søren the original creator decided to buck the trend and allow the leather cord to go through the bead instead. After requests for additional beads to be added, and by replacing the leather cord with silver, the collection began to grow and the concept is now enjoyed around the world.


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Until 2000, Trollbeads unique bead creations were solely designed by Søren’s family, until 10 famous Danish designers were invited to make their signature Trollbead to add to the collection, many of whom still add new beads every year. Gold and pearl beads are now part of the range, with new locks to add or remove beads and personalise each bracelet or necklace. 

The trollbeads collection lets you create your own individual style on interchangeable chain bracelets and solid sterling bangles and is a modern and unique alternative to many other charm bracelets. From creamy coconut, espresso noir, peach sorbet to minty macaroon, each bead is uniquely coloured, hand-faceted and features semi-precious beads in milky quartz, black onyx, feldspare, amazonite and moonstone. A fantastic way to start your Trollbeads collection.

Furthermore, because Trollbeads add new collections of beads that focus on the seasons, yearly events and special occassions, you can tailor your Trollbeads Bracelet or Necklace with the perfect selection of beads and charms for that time of year, giving you a sense of style that's unique to you.