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Wedding Jewellery & Wedding Rings

Wedding Ring Detailing Options

As an event that will live long in your memory, your wedding day will be that one day that you’ll remember forever, when nothing else seems to matter and you can embrace the love you share for your partner in a beautiful occasion shared with the people that mean the world to you.

But whilst your wedding day will be the best day of your life, after all of the cake has been eaten, speeches have been read and honeymoon enjoyed, they’ll be one special item that you and your loved one will hold as a wonderful reminder of the day you pledged to spend the rest of your lives together – your wedding rings!

Whether you decide to go for something traditional or opt to go for a ring with a modern and contemporary edge, finding a pair of wedding rings that defines who you are as a couple is essential in ensuring that they’ll stay close to you heart forever.

Whilst Steffans bespoke wedding ring design service will help you to achieve this and so much more, to ensure you can create an everlasting message in your Wedding Rings we’ve created a range of stunning detailing options for you to choose from. To help give you a detailed understanding of these intricate customisation options, here are the choices that we provide which can be mixed and matched to create the perfect style: 

Wedding Ring Detailing & Customisation Northamptonshire


Wedding Ring Engraving

Ring Finish

Whether you’d like to create a brushed metal finish, a beautiful bevel or even a modern hammered style, our expert team of wedding ring craftsmen will help to give your rings a finish that’s perfectly suited to your personality. What’s more, with our wedding ring offer we’ll refinish the look of your choice should it begin to fade over time.

Wedding Ring Engraving


With our in-house engraver we can write the perfect message into the inside or outside of your ring. Whether you’d like to write a line from your favourite poem, work-in a section of your vowels or simply say ‘I love you’, our expert wedding ring designers will help you to create a message that will last a lifetime.


Wedding Ring Engraving with Stones

Engraving with Stones

Whilst engraving your ring offers a lovely and long-lasting sentiment, if you combine it with your favourite stone it creates an even more personal message. Our in-house engravers can detail your engraving with diamonds, ruby’s, sapphire’s and much more besides to give your engraving a loving edge.

Wedding Ring Stone Detailing

Stone Detailing

As part of our bespoke wedding ring design service, Steffans can provide a wealth of different ring choice that are set with a selection of diamonds and other precious stones. However, if you’d like to go beyond this and detail the inside of your ring with your favourite jewels, we can create a stunning detailing design on the interior of your ring to give your wedding ring your perfect finish.